5 Tips For Decorating Around A Wall Clock

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Wall clocks are a highly useful tool that can allow you to check the time from many places in your home. They come in a variety of designs, with some more complicated and intricate than others.

No matter the sort you are about to choose, they resemble the same concept and you always know what can be expected of them.

To find a clock of this sort, that fits into your home’s decoration, you can visit the website. There are plenty of style options to choose from. As a result, it can be difficult to know how to decorate the wall where your clock is mounted. Because of this, here are five tips that can help you plan your decoration around the hanging clock.

Without further ado, let’s check some of these tips out.

1. Balance The Visual Weight

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Firstly, larger clocks tend to stand out when they are the only item on the wall. When it comes to adding framed photographs, artwork, and other decorations, you will need to balance the visual weight on either side of the clock. Finding the right balance between all of the elements hanging out there is both easy and hard.

Naturally, the easiest way to find the balance is to follow your own needs and preferences. If you are not sure about these, then you can always consult an interior decorator to help you with this issue. At the very least, you can take a look at numerous designs you can find online and choose the one that fits you the best.

This means creating a wall or area of your home that anybody can scan their eyes over easily. There needs to be a balance between items on the walls that stand out as talking pieces, and space for relief. Try to focus on the visual weight when you want to create a space for your wall clock to blend into.

Symmetry is an important part of visual weight, and it is worth thinking about the number of items that you put on the wall on either side of the clock. Not paying attention to this element can cause it to be without taste and style. That’s why you should commit enough time to figure this issue out.

2. Accent Wall

Accent Wall
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Another way of incorporating your hanging clock into your home decor is by creating an accent wall. This could be with a bold wallpaper design, or by setting up a gallery with plenty of photographs on display.

Consider the size of your wall when you are thinking about your options. Once again, we want to say that this is an important factor in finding the right balance.

Similarly, it is recommended that you think about the size of the room where your wall clock is based. In smaller rooms, a bold accent wall can make the space feel smaller due to the reduced light that enters the room. If you want to create a gallery or accent wall, it could be worth using light colors to encourage as much natural light to reflect as possible around your home.

3. Different Shapes And Sizes

shape and size
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Alternatively, you can include a selection of items on your walls that are different on purpose. These could be picture frames that are round, oval-shaped, or rectangular on the same wall. The contrast created can be an effective way of bringing everything together and blending the décor with the hanging clock. You probably know that the number of options is countless.

Even though it seems slightly counterintuitive, your home should be a place where you can experiment with unique style choices and combinations. Sometimes, using the same shape but different colors or materials creates a subtler contrast.

Similarly, you could use the same material or color but find photo frames with different sizes and shapes. Sure, this should complement your needs and preferences. However, be sure to make compromises if some limitations start to appear along the way.

4. Think About Colors

Likewise, it is important to think about your color choices, as this can have a big impact on how the space feels and the type of color you want to accessorize the room with. If your wall clock has already been installed, you could look for some subtle colors in its pattern. Making this sort of choice is not a complex thing to do, you just need to compare these patterns.

Tie certain elements of the decoration together with these colors if you like. Alternatively, you could choose a complete contrast by using the opposite end of the color spectrum as a contrast on a feature wall. Naturally, this is a great choice if those who are bold enough to make somewhat strange moves to make their overall design look one-of-a-kind.

Decide how bold you want to be, and the kind of natural light you want to introduce or keep in the space. Lighter shades reflect natural light and allow it to bounce through a room. Darker colors can be dramatic, and make larger rooms feel cozier and more intimate. We don’t have any doubt that this sort of decision could be worth the effort.

5. Incorporate Some Plants

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Whether your hanging clock has been made out of natural wood or synthetic material, you can easily create a homely vibe using plants. This can be done by winding vines around the exterior of the clock face, or by installing shelves on the wall for your plants to sit on. When it comes to the plants you should use, the possibilities are practically countless.

You do not have to be green-fingered to create a calming space with plants. This is because many artificial vines and plants look like real ones that can be purchased. As we’ve mentioned briefly before, you can always consult with an interior decorator to find the solution you think is the best. We encourage you to experiment with these possibilities.

6. Integrate Wall Arts


There is no better way to add an all-in-one décor feature to improve the appearance of the wall around your clock. Integrating wall arts is a great way to enhance your wall’s texture and the wall clock’s appearance. Besides, the art creates a harmonious blend with the clock to create a striking focal point.

Also, integrating wall arts around a wall clock will add more colors and increase the sophistication of the space. Interestingly, there are several options of colorful wall arts you can explore that will suit your existing décor theme and add elegance to your wall. Feel free to check here for varieties of wall art options you can explore for your space.


Wall clocks are some of the most functional forms of decorations within the home. They can allow anybody to check the time from a range of different spots. Make sure you bring out your style with your home décor, including your wall clock.

That way, you can be sure that you have made a good decision regarding the interior design. Here, we’ve presented our readers with a couple of tips they can implement to achieve it.