The Omega Code

The Omega Code is 1999 is a science fiction-based movie in which the civilization of Earth has collapsed. This thriller movie is greatly directed by Rob Marcarelli, composed by Stephen Blinn and Hollis Barton, and featuring Casper Van Dien, Michael York, Catherine Oxenberg, and Michael Ironside.

This is an independently produced film that was financed by the Trinity Broadcasting Network, whose head, TV preacher Paul Crouch, composed a novelization of the film’s screenplay. The film got a restricted dramatic delivery in the United States on October 15, 1999, earning $12 million against a $7.2 million budget, prior to being delivered on home video by GoodTimes Entertainment.


Two men (Casper Van Dien, Michael York) with clashing plans each look for a prophetic cryptogram composed on a page from a killed rabbi’s journal.Casper Van Dien

  • The film is rated PG-13 (Several Scenes of Shootings)
  • Mystery and suspense are the two main genres of this film.
  • Unique Language: English
  • Robert Marcarelli is the director.
  • Matt Crouch, Robert Marcarelli, and Lawrence Mortorff are the producers.
  • Stephan Blinn and Hollis Barton are the authors.
  • 14th of February, 2024 (streaming)
  • $12.6 million (gross) in the film industry in the United States
  • 1h 39m of running time
  • Code Productions, TBN Films, and Gener8Xion Entertainment collaborated on the project.
  • Sound Mix: Dolby SR, Dolby Digital, Dolby A, Surround
  • Angle Ratio: Flat (1.85:1)


Old codes that are hidden inside the Torah uncover the privileged insights of worldwide occasions, past (i.e., Hitler, the Kennedy death, the Gulf War), present, and future.

Michael York

One man (York) is after the Code, looking for the ability to change the world as far as we might be concerned for the worse. Another (Van Dien) looks for reality, taking a chance with his life and all that he represents to stop him.

Content of the Movie:

Christian perspective with some questionable rational and religious focuses; no foul language; activity experience savagery including shooting, man’s head injury with bleeding wound, the bird-eating dead assortment of the creature, blasts, and startling dreams; no sex except for certain embraces and kisses; liquor use; smoking; and, misdirection.

Summary of the Movie:

The Omega Code depends on the interesting reason that researchers have uncovered the way into the Bible Code, an antiquated numerical condition applied to the five books of Moses whose secret messages are said to contain forecasts for mankind’s set of experiences. The primary tension spine chiller for the new thousand years, the film pits two incredible and alluring individuals in a worldwide competition to have the PC plates, which prognosticate occasions and control the world. 

Recorded on the planet strict capitals of Rome and Jerusalem, “The Omega Code” stars Casper Van Dien, (“The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” “Starship Troopers,” “Tarzan and the Lost City,”) Michael York (“Austin Powers” I and II, “Logan’s Run,” “Cabaret,”), Catherine Oxenberg (Dynasty, Charles and Diana) and Michael Ironside (“The Arrangement,” “Starship Troopers,” “Top Gun”). 

Michael York depicts European Union Chairman Stone Alexander, a news magnate turned lawmaker, who uncovers and executes the taken code to make a New World request. Casper Van Dien is Dr. Gillen Lane, a widely acclaimed powerful orator, and folklore master who guiltlessly enters Stone’s reality in a mission for harmony. At the point when he uncovers Stone’s arrangements, Lane turns into Stone’s enemy, a pursued criminal as he attempts to uncover the reality and save the world. 

Catherine Oxenberg is Cassandra Barash, an all-around regarded writer, and TV syndicated program entertainer whose closeness to notable individuals drives her from just covering the news to turning out to be essential for it. Michael Ironside is Dominic, an ex-cleric now protector and individual partner to Alexander, whose reliability to the “ruler” is outperformed exclusively by his own journey for power. In an antiquated battle among great and abhorrent, in the endeavor to control the outright wellspring of mastery, each of the four will take in a definitive illustration from a preeminent power more prominent than all of us.

THE OMEGA CODE; Movie Review:

The Omega Code is doubtlessly the most amazing whole-world destroying thrill ride at any point made by the Christian filmmaking local area. Smooth enhancements. A fascinating content. Globe-running area shots. Likewise, a conspicuous (if not A-rundown) cast gives the story validity support painfully missed in movies like A Distant Thunder and Apocalypse. The etched Van Dien (Starship Troopers) is a satisfactory legend, yet what holds the film together is the alluring presence of Michael York as Stone Alexander. York plays his Antichrist with determined malice supported by a British intonation that smells of an unapproachable government.


It has regularly been said that a story can make do with a two-dimensional saint, yet can’t beat a powerless miscreant. Omega Code is confirmation positive. Truth be told, Alexander’s right-hand man (played by the in a split second conspicuous, however difficult to put Michael Ironside) has conveyed the “weighty” load himself in different pictures. Here, he’s the assassin partner to Alexander’s ivory-tower egotist. A devilish one-two punch. However, what makes for an occasionally tense actioner ready to draw in standard crowds might estrange a few Christians. For a certain something, Agatha Christie-style deaths—paying little mind to their specific situation—are frightening. Seeing a man shot dead during a jam-packed road celebration bore awkward comparability to the blade-in-the-back commercial center second in Alfred Hitchcock’s The Man Who Knew Too Much. The savagery isn’t unduly realistic, yet families should realize it exists. Second, this film could lead a few watchers to become as fixated as the characters onscreen with the chance of a secret sacred subtext. Crowds dazzled by the possibility of a mysterious Bible Code might consider it to be in excess of a piece of “imagine a scenario where” fiction and neglect the numerous express guidelines—explained from Genesis to Revelation—that God has given us. What data we need for day-by-day living and timeless salvation is obviously uncovered clearly. The Omega Code is fascinating amusement that may give grown-ups and more seasoned adolescents a reason to begin a family Bible review in the book of Revelation. The key is that families keep on yearning for what the Scriptures unmistakably say as opposed to what they might be stowing away.

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