How to Load and Transport a Motorcycle in a Truck?


Motorcycles are being used by almost all sections of the society today for their faster mobility and added convenience. So, one should remember to take care of their bikes when they are being transported. It is important to be careful with the process. There are recommended practices that you can follow to make the process more comfortable. Here are some of the basic steps.

Find a Ramp Which Can Take the Weight


The first step is gathering the equipment so that you can begin the process. If you want to do the process yourself, it will be a big investment. However, spending the money is worth it if you are going to be using the equipment often.

If it is not handled properly the surface of the motorcycle will sustain visible damage which will then have to be repaired through costly procedures. One way to get the right equipment is to contact a reliable manufacturer who knows your needs. You can go for service providers like for assistance during the transportation process.

Rather than spending money on repairs you can make a one time investment on equipment which will help in hauling the bike. One of the first things you will need to purchase is a ramp so that you can easily push the bike into the truck. Finding the right ramp is contingent on the weight of the vehicle and how much it can bear. The minimum weight rating you should go for is 800 pounds which allows for durability down the line.

Any weight rating less than that can cause the ramp to warp or twist over the years rather than holding its shape. If you have the choice go with arched ramps because they offer better protection against the breakover angle. An arched ramp also breaks steeper angles into smaller ones which makes the bike go in and out easily. This process reduces the chances of external damage.

Find a Good Chock

Preparing all the equipment comes before you prepare your pickup truck. A chock is very important for falling by so that they remain in a stable position during the entire transport. Anyone who is driving the motorcycle strapped on their truck bed will be very conscious of the potential issues that may pop up during the transportation.

A person who straps their bike would be looking at the most stable position possible for it so that there is little to no movement and fewer chances of damage. A chock is a small piece of equipment specially resigned to keep the front wheel in place so that it does not move even in bumpy rides. It helps keep the wheel aligned so that the bike does not move in the truck bed.

Prepare the Truck

Prepare the Truck

Preparing a truck is the next natural step which will get you a little closer to transporting your bike safely. One of the first things you should do is cover up the back window with a piece of plywood. You should measure the front tire and then use the choke inside the truck bed so that it does not move. The typical width of a front tire is 4 inches and you will need two chocks to hold it in place.

If you want to prevent the motorcycle rolling forward, this preparation is important especially if you will be driving off-road or in bumpy terrain. You should next cut plywood into a 10 by 10 inch piece to be placed under the kickstand. Many people forget that while you are transporting the bike, you also need to take care of the truck bed so that there is minimal damage. The 10 by 10 in space of plywood is meant to keep the motorcycle in a stable position so that the truck bed is protected.

The Hauling

After the preparation it is time for the actual process which will begin with putting the truth in the right place. The best approach will be to go near a hill and keep the truck level with the ground. It will make the process easier because you will be able to use the ramp effectively. The next step is to align the ramp at the center of the truck bed.

After it, the front wheel should be at the very middle of the ramp so that there is support on both sides when you climb alongside it. Hauling will be easy if you have invested in an arched ramp and the distance between the ground and the truck bed is not too difficult.

Buckle Everything Down

Buckle Everything Down

When the bike is up in the bed, the next step is to place it right and strap it properly. When you are in charge of strapping, there should be no room for moevemnet because it can cause a lot of inconvenience when it is time to drive a long distance. You can use ratchet straps for this step and attach them to the front ends of the truck bed.

They usually have some elasticity which allows them to be extended to the other side. The placement of the straps should be on the front end by the engine as well as on the triple tree. The back of the motorcycle should be strapped down differently. It can extend from the end corners of the truck bed and into the chassis for extra stability.

Run a Demo

Before getting ready to go, do a test drive to see if everything is secured properly. One way to do it is to drive normally for 30 second then stop and check if any straps were loosened.

You can try this a couple times to get an idea of the stability of the bike.

The Takeaway

Every motorcycle owner should know how to transport their vehicle safely from one place to another. Transporting a motorcycle in a truck is a process where you need to take care of your vehicle.