How Online Assessment Platforms Have Saved the Education Industry During COVID


Online assessment platforms and solutions have made significant changes to the education industry that will be present even after the pandemic. Students have faced minimal disruption to their education due to the presence of these solutions.

Online assessment platforms have been implemented in schools and universities full-time due to their versatility and convenience. 

Understand how these solutions have shaped the education industry so you can seamlessly adapt and integrate them into your curriculum. 

Helped Monitor Students

Many educational institutions and educators were at a loss when monitoring students and ensuring that their learning progress wasn’t hindered due to remote learning. Since educators couldn’t physically monitor each student, there had to be a solution that could enable them to check on all students in conjunction periodically.

Online assessments enabled educators to understand how well students could learn through remote learning and how well they could apply their knowledge to real-life situations. These assessments became a way for educators to gauge how students were challenged and immediately introduce remedial measures to improve their performance. 

Ensured Accessibility and Functionality

One of the biggest challenges to education during the pandemic was the lack of accessibility for all. With online assessment platforms, this problem was solved to a large extent. With multi-device compatibility, these platforms could be used by all students no matter what device they own. 

Online assessment solutions also provided extra features for students with special needs, like text-to-voice translation, magnification, varying color schemes, etc.

Online solutions also tend to be more secure with less cheating. These solutions prevent the opening of other browsers or applications while the assessment is being taken. Many also have remote invigilating and monitoring that prevents cheating. 

Preparation for Modern Processes

Increasing globalization and technological innovation make it necessary for students to be prepared beforehand. By adopting online assessment solutions, educational institutions enable their students to be comfortable with digital tools before entering the employment market.

Online assessments may also have domestic or international benchmarking, enabling you and your students to know how they fare against their peers. It can keep them motivated to perform better and help them succeed in the future. 

Straightforward Evaluation and Interventions for Students

Educators are burdened with an increasing number of copies to assess and grade when it comes to assessment season, which can take a considerable amount of time. With online assessment solutions, educational institutions can dramatically improve their processes and improve efficiency.

It can also help spot students who are lagging or being challenged by specific aspects of the curriculum. By noticing these students ahead of time, you can introduce remedial measures that ensure that the students aren’t significantly hindered in any way. The results are categorized in easy-to-read reports and insights that can help shape future educational decisions for your institution.

Online assessment platforms have had an immense role in changing how the educational industry works and lightening the burden of educators, especially when it comes to assessments. With the right solution, your institution can also ensure a better future for your students.