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Machine Hire Exeter
Machine Hire Exeter

Machine hire Exeter or Exeter leasing, is a service industry that provides machinery, equipment, and tools of all kinds and sizes (from transferring energy to energy, from power generation to hand-held tools, etc.). Hiring can be defined as the provision of temporary equipment to help people who do not want to buy such equipment. The lease of Exeter machines will reduce their fixed costs and reduce the financial risks of owning machinery. With a lease rather than an owner, the user only pays for the equipment when needed, and the lease reduces the ongoing costs that come with the ownership of the equipment, including maintenance, internal service inspections, repairs, transportation, and maintenance. Exeter rental equipment allows companies to handle a wide range of workloads without having to invest in additional equipment. It represents a low-risk way of acquiring equipment where market conditions are uncertain and allows companies to enter new markets or sectors without heavy investment in equipment – unrestricted cash can be sent to the company’s core business. There are various reasons for renting equipment.

When renting equipment, you should make sure that you get the right equipment for the job. You should not go to the largest machine because you are not sure what size to pick up, always check with the experienced staff member, and choose the bucket sizes needed for that machine. Some companies bring in a few bucket sizes on equipment but specify before delivery. The machines can be up to 4 buckets in size (depending on the company). Some machines allow the tracks to be folded to fit in gates / small spaces, so always think of machine equipment if you have limited spaces. You may also want to look at the attachment needed for the tasks to be completed for example, for concrete demolition you may want to check the pool/pecker attachment.

Why you need to hire equipment contractors

Capital Release: When they have to show higher interest rates than hot money, contractors yearn for their equipment, as it allows them to reduce the size of their equipment ships. The immovable budget allows for improved cost control, lower maintenance costs, and the reduction of shipping vessels.

Scope of newly acquired equipment: Some rental companies have stockpiles of equipment numbering into the hundreds of thousands, while others specialize in certain products. They can provide you with the most complete range of technical equipment – even if they do not have trained operators – when and where customers needed it.

Adjustment, compliance with standards and regulations: Rental equipment, machine Exeter Company is responsible for ensuring that rental equipment complies with applicable regulations, checks safety before delivery. Regular repairs and major repairs are usually handled by the rental company, which saves the employer the cost of having repair workers. Safety checks are performed before each delivery.

Risk of outsourcing: The rental company is responsible for providing secure equipment on-site and on the shoulders of any risk associated with the removal of equipment (if this is done by the rental company).

Machine Hire Exeter
Machine Hire Exeter

Procurement by a contractor: It is a time-consuming task to find the right equipment, negotiate suppliers, and ensure that modern and productive equipment is used. Machine hire Exeter has invested heavily annually in the maintenance of modern vehicles, providing access to the latest, most productive and safest equipment on the market.

Adaptability: Rental companies offer operational flexibility, with the option of renting equipment in the short, medium or long term.

Environment: Definitive employment applies to the business model of the circle and is seen as part of a shared economy and a circular economy, it can help stabilize the environment and society.

The Manifesto explains how the principles of a round economy are applied to the rental business

Shared use:

  • Construction companies can access equipment where needed,
  • Medium ownership leads to more efficient use of equipment.


  • Leasing companies contribute to product development that facilitates repair and maintenance activities,
  • Leasing companies focus on the management of security features,
  • Rental companies request more information about product adjustments from equipment manufacturers.

Use of resources:

  • Leasing companies want equipment to provide the most sustainable option to their customers.
  • Leasing companies provide theoretical and practical training to their clients so that they can use the equipment efficiently.


  • Parts of demolished building materials can also be used.


  • The hiring company e Machine Hire Exeter takes care of their equipment by:
  • Repairs where possible,
  • Recycle it at the end of its life cycle,
  • Sell it at second-hand markets, if applicable.