What Percentage Do Most Injury Lawyers Take?

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Everyone is aware that there are so many specific things and rules about the law, and the same is with personal injury claims. Namely, the whole process might last for quite some time, and one of the most important things to think about here is legal fees.

Now, there are several ways this works, but let’s start with whether hiring a personal injury lawyer is actually worth it.

Do we really need to hire a lawyer?

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Okay, the most crucial question here is regarding legal services and whether hiring experts in this field is actually a must or not. Now, needless to say how from a legal point of view, this is a pretty complex topic, and even lawyers spend years and years mastering both their craft and the law about personal injuries.

All of this means that someone without enough knowledge in this field can easily make mistakes and lose the case. Yes, the first question that crosses every person’s mind is whether they need to hire a lawyer to help them with their case or they can save some money and do it on their own.

Regardless of what we are talking about, it’s always great when we can save some money and solve the problem on our own. On the other hand, when it comes to any type of legal issue, hiring an attorney with vast experience might not save us some money, but it will certainly save us nerves.

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They have a lot of experience with legal issues and understand the law, which is pretty complex in most cases. Keep in mind that it is impossible that one person can be specialized in all forms of law, and because of that, it is crucial to find the right one to help you with a certain case.

Finding the best person to help you with legal problems can be pretty challenging, simply because of the importance of finding the expert who can help, and it requires proper research.

Furthermore, what you want from your personal injury lawyer is to be patient and listen to you, as it is the only way to deal with and solve everything as quickly and successfully as possible. Luckily, we have the solution for those people who maybe do not have enough time to conduct a search for the best lawyer, and if you are one of them, click here.

Understanding the fees

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In order to understand the pricing of every lawyer, it is necessary to understand the various fees that can be charged. Because of that, we will describe the most common ones so that every person who needs to hire an attorney will be able to comprehend what they are paying. Many lawyers have different pricing methods, and knowing more about them can be helpful in making the right decision on which of them to hire.


The first fee we will describe is the contingency one, as it is the most common, and many personal injury lawyers will charge it when they accept the case. It can be one of the best options for you, as paying the contingency fee usually means avoiding paying other legal fees that can be pretty high.

It can actually save you money because the whole point of the contingency fee is to deduct the others from the settlement, and it means the lawyer needs to make a success and win the case.

The attorney needs to calculate their own earnings and make a settlement only when both of you are happy with the total sum. It is the best and most usual method, and it works great for both parties as you don’t have to pay anything upfront, and only in case you win do they get the entire percentage, which is usually around 33% of the settlement.

That practice protects you from any expenses before the case is done, and the attorney representing you will always opt to go with the maximum settlement possible.


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Another common fee that some attorneys require is an upfront one or paying the deposit before they even start the case. There are numerous reasons why some layers decide to go with an upfront fee instead of a contingency one, and they are justified in most cases.

Sometimes they need to think about additional expenses they need to deal with before the settlement is over, and none of them is willing to spend their own money just to help a client.

Additional expenses can be various, from paperwork to testing some evidence that is crucial to back up the whole case and much more. But, it is necessary to be careful, as sometimes the lawyer will insist on upfront fees because they are not convinced that the case could be won, so they are afraid to choose the contingency fees.

The first option is much better for those filing a personal injury claim, as it protects them from any expenses upfront, but even here, the only way to be sure that you get the best possible legal services is by doing a bit of research and picking a professional that has years of practice in this area of law.

The whole process might take some time

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Depending on the complexity of the claim, the waiting period might even be several years, and all the expenses that might come along the way, you will have to pay if you didn’t agree upon a contingency structure fee.

Furthermore, once the trial starts, there will also be several offers from the liable party, as they will too try to settle everything as fast as possible and spend as little as possible.

The legal fees can get pretty high, and even though the first settlement a liable party offers might seem like a great one, it’s always preferable to listen to your attorney as they know more about how big of a sum you can actually get. It is yet another reason why one should never opt and represent themselves in these types of situations.