6 Amazing Philippine Festivals You Should Attend With Your Lover

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Life is one and we all have to live it as if there is no tomorrow, do everything we can, and live beautiful moments ourselves, but also with our partners. And how to live beautifully with your partner, that is, how to feel all the beauties of life?

You will feel all the beauties of living only if you start doing things that are extraordinary, you will go to events that are beautiful such as for example the Philippine festivals. The Philippines boasts a number of festivals that are interesting and ideal to visit with your partner.

Let’s see which ones are interesting and where you can have a good time, and we will tell you much more about them in the continuation of our today’s article.

Center of the world festivities

Philippine Festivals
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The Philippines is known as the center of world festivities. Most of these events have a Spanish setting and can make you feel as if you are on a Spanish vacation. These festivities are either religious or cultural and sometimes they reflect both.

It’s a very interesting moment where culture, religion, and fun come together, and you can often see that in countries like the Philippines that are full of a lot of positivity and fun things.

They are full of fun and worth seeing. The moment you attend you will have that positive feeling that you want to be part of it. When going for a date with that girl you have met you can attend one of these festivities as they will give you all the entertainments you would dream of.

Regardless of when you want to go for a date or a vacation, you won’t miss a chance as around 30 festival events are happening every month. There is no greater chance of making your date a success than witnessing such street parades, pageants, theatrical plays, concerts, trade fairs, exhibits, and many other Philippine festivals.

And if you’ve been wanting to go to the Philippines for a long time and have a good time at one of the festivals, but you don’t have a partner, it’s best to start your search today, and you can easily help yourself through one of the specialized sites that will help you in the quest as https://meet-your-love.net/asian-brides/.

1. Sinulog festival

Sinulog festival
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Sinulog festival comes every 3rd Sunday of January each year. This religious and cultural set festival is held in Cebu Philippines. This festival is the most popular religious event in the Philippines with an attendance of about two million people annually.

Considering that the Philippines is a catholic nation, most of their festivities have a religious background. Nevertheless, they are integrated with colorful city street parades as well as beautiful night parties making them quite inspirational and romantic.

The performance will make you enjoy that date with that girl you have met and if you want to engage or propose to her this is the perfect time and place. It is a perfect opportunity for you to visit this festival and enjoy the magic that it presents to all people who love such big and beautiful events.

2. Ati-Atihan Festival

ati atihan festival
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Ati-Atihan happens the same day at the same time as the Sinulog but in a different place called Aklan. This widely adopted event in the archipelago is known as the mother of all Philippine festivities. It originated from the Aetas people who once settled on Panay Island. The attendants smother some charcoal ash on their faces during the celebration, to emulate those ancestors.

The main aim of this event is to commemorate their ancestors and honor Santo Nino. If you want to get to know the past in this aspect and enjoy the culture of the Filipinos, this kind of festival would bring you and your partner real joy and enjoyment.

3. Dinagyang festival

Dinagyang festival
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This festivity happens every 4th Sunday of January in Iloilo City. Like the other two, this celebration is meant to honor Santo Nino. It also has a historical commemoration of when Aeta sold Panay to Malay settlers centuries ago.

When you attend this large celebration, you will enjoy three major parts; the Ati Tribe Competition, Kasadyahan Cultural Competitions, and also the Miss Iloilo festivities.

If you want to attend it with your date, I would advise you probably attend the Ati Tribe Competition and see how talented dances own the streets with thumping drums bringing rhythmic choreography.

4. Panagbenga festival

Panagbenga festival
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This celebration starts on the 26th day of February in Baguio City. This is a must-attend event as it is purely cultural and the celebrations go for a month. There is no other place you can be so honored to have such entertainment for that length of time.

5. Pahiyas festival

Pahiyas festival
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This happens on May 17th in Lucban and is set with a religious background to honor Saint Isidore. Unlike other festivities on the list, Pahiyas has no street dances and parties.

However, it is not a boring one as people decorate their houses with handcrafts, fruits, vegetables, and other beautiful things and can give a huge photo opportunity.

6. Flores de mayo

Flores de mayo
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This is a nationwide celebration happening in May every year. It is a devotion to Blessed Virgin Mary that includes a unique ritual pageant. If you want to impress that queen you have met, be sure not to miss the final day of this festival as it is when they hold Santacruzan.

Other festivals in our list of 8 are the; Kandayawan Festivals held on the 3rd week of August in Davao, and MassKara Festivals held on the 2nd – 3rd week of October in Bacolod City.


As mentioned, these are not the only festivals as the Philippines is the mother of all festivities. Taking your loved ones on a vacation to such places can give them an infinite experience.

Surrender to the beauties, surrender to the wonderful opportunities that the Philippines offers you and enjoy together with your partner the magic of the Filipino culture, the Filipino people, and the beauties of that part of the world. This will be a wonderful opportunity to have fun and feel good on your next trip.