4 Reasons You Need A Screen Protector For Your Phone

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Living in the modern world and being surrounded with the latest in technology implies making use of it. The spoils of the 3rd decade of the 21st century are all around us and most of them revolve around gadgets and devices that make life easier, more optimal, and best of all, much more fun.

Comparing the world of today with the one from several decades ago is unimaginable from the standpoint of technology trends and how we do certain things. Computers were still there back then, as were various home appliances and devices, but their potential was vastly limited.

The same goes for mobile phones, once thought to be nothing more than a phone you carry with yourself. Today, it has everything you need as the ultimate all-in-one gadget.

The Importance of Modern Phones

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Call them smartphones, call them mobile phones, iPhones, or Androids. Whatever the name for them one thing is certain. The fact that they are phones is nowadays the least important thing of these amazing pocket-sized computers.

The fact that you can dial a number and call somebody else’s phone has not been anything major for decades. However, everything else the phones do is a marvel of technology.

From utilizing the internet to the maximum, offering amazing hardware that lets you capture the best photo and video quality available, to powerful components that make gaming and editing a breeze, there is nothing they cannot do.

However, there is one thing common for all modern smartphones, and that is the fact they tend to be fragile and prone to damage. The existence of a whole separate industry than the one of phones themselves, which is the industry of various protection solutions for phones, implies that our pocket computers really need a lot of help staying protected.

While phone cases are by far the most popular solution, they only protect the back and the sides when it is actually the screen that needs most attention. This is why every user needs a screen protector for their device, and why we devote this article to bringing you the reasons why that is so. To learn more about screen protectors and other phone equipment, as well as to browse through an amazing offer, make sure to click here.

1. Helps the Eyes

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Believe it or not, we are not going to start the list of reasons why you need a screen protector with the obvious. While they are primarily meant to protect the display, which we will talk about more in just a bit, there is an often overlooked benefit they bring. And it has to deal with no less than making things easier on the eyes.

We all know that human eyes and screen exposure do not mesh well. Well, if you have a screen protector with a matte finish, know that it will make reflections less distinct and diffuse the glare.

While new screens already undergo treatments that protect the eyes more than the older phones did, an anti-reflective (AR) protector will bend more light and offer less glare, both from the phone and the environment like sunlight. Think of the screen protector of this sort like a light cancellation solution that will improve visibility and decrease your need for squinting.

2. Less to No Dirt, Dust, Oil, and Water Accumulation

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While the health of the phone user is always number one and as important as our eyesight is, let us now move to actually protecting the phone. Screen protectors are great at providing more than enough protection against bacteria, dirt, and oils from the skin.

Thanks to their antimicrobial properties that are part of the glass, they rid the screen of bacteria, dust, and anything else that may try to stick for longer than it should. Different protectors have different properties to suit different customers.

We are all different and some users have more problems with natural oils from the fingertips. If you notice it accumulating on the screen, you need a protector with a lipophobic layer. In case you want more water protection, get a hydrophobic protector that repels water better than any phone screen can.

3. More Privacy

screen protector offer more privacy
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How can a screen protector offer more privacy, we hear you ask. It is just an additional layer of glass over the screen underneath. It should not be able to offer more privacy. Well, those that have tint coatings ensure that only the people directly in front of the screen can properly see what is being shown.

Anyone that looks at your phone from a different angle than the one you are looking at will not be able to tell what you are doing. It will be tinted for them and therefore you will have more privacy. There are already quite a few features of screen protectors mentioned.

Of course, many of them offer more than one so that you do not have to sacrifice one feature for the other. This means that your protector can be matte, hydrophobic, lipophobic, and with a tint coating. It will be a bit more expensive but you will get the ultimate protection for your screen.

4. Wear and Tear

Wear and Tear
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Speaking of ultimate protection, let us finally address the elephant in the room. If you want to keep your smartphone in pristine, mint condition for years to come, you have to make sure that all of it is protected.

Having a strong case is not enough, nor is it enough for the phone to itself be sturdy, waterproof, dustproof, and whatever else. Furthermore, as much as you care for it and as much as you typically look after your stuff, there will be moments where your screen will be exposed to damage.

Wear and tear is always happening whether you see it or not, and even the strongest Gorilla Glass protection is not enough for repeated scratches, oily fingers, splashes of water, dust, and dirt. And as much as the display is advertised as being scratch-resistant, it is definitely not scratch proof.

If you want the right type of protection against wear and tear of the screen, which is almost universally viewed as miniature scratches that turn bigger overtime, and if you want to prevent the screen from breaking when you drop the phone, the ultimate layer of protection is always a quality screen protection glass.