5 Warning Signs That You Need A Wheel Alignment

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Can you recognize if your wheel needs an alignment? Or do you need a mechanic to watch over it, and see if there is an issue? We can say that even the inexperienced drivers can easily see when something is wrong with their steering wheel and that it needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

If you notice that your car is not moving properly, and you are sure that the technical aspects are on time, then you need to center the steering wheel and align the wheels too.

Sometimes, the weird noises while driving, or the tire wearing can tell you a lot about the condition of your vehicle. We will suggest you take it to a mechanic for repair, especially if you feel like the car is falling apart as you speed up, or you try to take left or right turn.

The more you wait, you will probably damage the engine, and expensive repairs will be needed. Knowing all these things, you must click here, to find out where you can take your car to alignment.

So, let’s see what are the signs that your vehicle may need a wheel alignment:

1. You feel the steering wheel shifted

You feel the steering wheel shifted
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This is something you will not notice right away. In fact, our eyes are not accustomed to seeing change so quickly. When you notice that the steering wheel is not centered, it may be too late and the repair may be expensive.

You can solve the problem by always paying attention to the steering wheel before leaving. Check for displacement from its axis. You may need to do more to notice it, but we are sure that the sooner you notice it, the easier it will be for you to fix the problem.

Long-term displacement of the steering wheel can also cause the wheels of the car to shift. This necessitates alignment, especially if you notice that the tires are worn out or that one side of the car is more damaged than the other.

2. The car vibrates strangely

The car vibrates strangely
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If the movement and vibration are unusual, it may be due to incorrect wheel placement on your car. Our suggestion is to take it for a technical inspection so that you can solve any problems in time. You can feel the vibration on the seat or on the steering wheel.

This means that the balance of the car is disturbed and there is no balance. Therefore, if the car behaves unusually, try to consider all possible options, even the one that requires tire alignment.

3. The wheels are visibly distorted

The wheels are visibly distorted
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You can easily notice this even when the car is parked and at rest. Take a good look at your car and see if all the wheels are in place. If you drive with crooked wheels, then you can easily damage the mechanisms that move the tires.

This can further cause the car to slip on the road or lose control of it while driving. Be careful, because this is really dangerous, and you are not safe enough this way.

4. The tires are worn apart

The tires are worn apart
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The unusual damages on the tires are also a sign that something is really wrong. Over time, the tires can wear out, but when the car is in balance, the damage is even.

If you notice that one side is damaged, then you have to make a wheel alignment and center the whole vehicle. Replace damaged tires so you can continue driving safely.

5. You easily lose control of the vehicle

You easily lose control of the vehicle
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The point of driving is not to bother keeping it on the road. In fact, when your car is OK, you can easily control its movement on the road. But if something is wrong, for example when the wheels are not properly aligned, then it can easily happen to drag on the left or right side, depending on where the distortion is greater.

Of course, this also puts your road safety in jeopardy. In fact, if you do not have control over the vehicle, you can easily cross into the opposite lane or get off the road, which is really too risky to gamble with.

Therefore, even with the slightest displacement, solve the problem immediately, before it endangers your life.

What do you need to know about wheel alignment?

What do you need to know about wheel alignment
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There is no rule on how often you need this kind of alignment for your vehicle. It all depends on the conditions on the road, and how often you really drive the car. The chances of distortion increase if you drive daily on badly maintained roads, or if you hit rocks or curbs while moving across them.

When the wheels are properly aligned, the tires will last longer, and you will avoid most of the common issues, like uncontrolled movements, or traffic risks.

As we already said, poor car alignment will cause tire wear and will shorten their lifespan. And no one really wants to buy new tires every few years, since that’s a huge expense.

Before you take your vehicle to a mechanic for a wheel alignment, you can try to fix it yourself, since there are some situations when it’s possible. Check on the tires, and see if there is something heavy in the luggage that causes bad alignment. Also, you must always maintain the correct tire pressure.

Be a responsible driver, so you won’t damage your vehicle. Sometimes, when nothing else works, you don’t have a lot of choices, and you need to take the vehicle to a mechanic, for machine alignment. It doesn’t take a lot of time, and you are sure you always drive safely.


Safe driving must always be your priority, at all times. When the wheels are properly aligned, then you can be sure that you are always keeping your side of the road properly, but also that you will not run out or be in other danger.

Every driver has a responsibility to maintain his vehicle in proper condition, for his personal safety, but also the safety of other road drivers, no matter their vehicle.

Consider wheel alignment as one of the regular maintenance activities, or do it even often, if needed.