What is a demat account? Why do you need it?

demat account
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We’ve all heard of savings accounts at the bank. It allows us easy access to our money while also safeguarding it against theft and misuse. A Demat account provides the same purpose for investors. To invest in equities nowadays, you must have a Demat account.

A Demat account is a form of account where electronic copies of shares and securities are kept. A Demat account is a completely dematerialized account. 

What exactly is a Demat account?

A Demat Account, also known as a Dematerialised Account, allows you to keep shares and assets in an electronic format. Lets know more about what is a demat account

The Indian stock trading market was digitised thanks to Demat, and SEBI was able to demand improved governance. Furthermore, by holding stocks in electronic format, the Demat account minimised the hazards of storage, theft, damage, and malpractices. It makes you work out on the share trading while sitting at your home. It helps you get in touch with the broker and keep your money safe in the form of capital so that you can use it for investing. For the ones who need to invest in the shares, this is one of the best methods of keeping the capital amount secured. 

What is dematerialisation, and how does it work?

You can make it clear in your mind that these certificated help in the process of dematerialisation. It is one of the major processes that work out when you invest in shares. The brokers will help you understand about the same in the best manner. All you need to do is to get in touch with the right one. 

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Trading using a Demat account with 5paisa is identical to physical trading, with the exception that it is done electronically. Log into your online trading account and place an order to begin trading. For this to operate, both the trading and Demat accounts must be connected. After an order has been placed, the exchange will process it. The market price of the shares is recorded in the Demat account before the order is completed, and the availability of the shares is verified. After the operation is finished, the shares are disclosed in your statement of holdings. When a shareholder wants to sell shares, he or she must send a delivery instruction letter with stock data.