5 Basic Exercises You Shouldn’t Give Up

basic exercises

Often, some novice athletes independently select for themselves a set of exercises for daily training, completely not realizing that among the various techniques, there are fundamental or basic ones that must be present in the training day. These exercises do not cause difficulty during execution, therefore, they are perceived as ineffective.

However, this is a misconception. The benefits of the basic complex are obvious: there is a complete warming up of the muscular section and preparation of the body for more serious loads, complex warming up of joints and ligaments is performed.

Many people who miss out on these basic exercises in their lives end up getting treated at institutes like Sarcardiology for heart issues. These advantages are enough to revise your usual technique and not discount 5 basic exercises.

Head Tilts

Head tilts are the first thing to start training with since they work out the cervical region. To start performing, you need to stand straight, press your hands at the seams, tilt your head forward and reduce your shoulders, and relax your body as much as possible.

Then tilt your head back and spread your shoulders as far as possible;bazovyye uprazhneniya 1

  1. Upon completion of the first basic exercise, you must remain in the same position in order to make circular rotations of the head clockwise in one direction and then against it. 10-15 rotations in each direction will be enough;
  2. While in the same position, you can switch to working out the shoulder muscles. To do this, you need to perform circular rotations with your shoulders clockwise, and then against it. It is important to bend your back as much as possible;bazovyye uprazhneniya 2

Forearm work

The next exercise is forearm work. Hands must be spread to the side, then bent so that the fingers touch the shoulder area. In this position of the hands, we make measured circular rotations;

Pelvic Rotations

Pelvic rotations are also included in the basic complex. Feet should be placed shoulder-width apart, and hands-on the pelvis. Next, rotations are performed with the pelvis from left to right and vice versa.   bazovyye uprazhneniya 4

Final Words

This complex is quite simple to perform and does not even require leaving the usual comfort zone. And this is a significant plus, which allows you to practice even during breaks at work. Not only are they quite effective, if performed daily or with every workout, but there is also a surge of energy and a boost of vivacity.

This complex can be part of a full-fledged exercise technique, and its effect doubles when combined with more complex exercises for a specific area of ​​the body.