How Many Ways Can You Use A Baton?


While you might have mostly seen batons being used in police in real life or movies, they are for everybody. There are many kinds of sticks that can be used as baton and moves you can learn with them. It’s not just a law enforcement tool; the more you dig into it, the simple baton will become handier.

The best thing about plain tools like batons is that they can have diverse applications, and they do. A conductor of a band uses it to regulate the rhythm of the music played. Teachers use them as learning tools to direct students in lectures for better learning. And in some ways, a hefty baton is the most basic self-defense weapon you could ever use.

The Police Baton and Its Power

Any time that you see a law enforcement officer swing a baton, you know something serious is going down. In combat or direct conflict with violent people, you need non-deadly force to neutralize the situation. Where police officers can’t use guns, they rely on something less lethal to help them.

Usually when there is a riot, and crowd control is necessary, police break out the baton to instill peace. Although they are not the primary weapons, all police officers carry them to make their job easier. You never know what kind of issue you might face and a good tool is always needed.

Is A Baton Good For Self Defense?

Other than law enforcement, the simple yet strong baton can be used for other reasons. Civilians can also get a lot out of a self-defense baton. You can buy one to keep in the trunk of your car and use it in different ways. If you ever get stopped by a criminal, you can use a baton to disarm them to drive away. Even if you’re walking somewhere alone, it can help you fend off any trouble you might get into.

There are different instances where you might need to save your life, not just from other human beings.  You might find yourself in a trapped space where you feel claustrophobic; use a baton. You can smash a window if you get locked into a room or your car. You can also use it to break someone else out if they are trapped, for example, in a fire. So yes, there are multiple ways to use a baton for self-defense and utilize it in many ways.

What Makes A Baton A Good Weapon?

  • Normally when you think about a weapon, something heavy-duty and technical comes to mind. But the best weapons are the ones that are easy to use and simply-built. You can channel your inner strength into using them the best way your know-how.
  • The structure of a baton is fairly simple; it’s usually made of wood, high-fiber plastic, or steel. It’s a slim stick that’s wider from the bottom and thinner from the top. It provides a better grip for you when you are using it so it doesn’t slip out of your hand.
  • More importantly, you don’t need to worry about maintenance or safety. An unused, unsupervised baton is not a danger to anyone and it doesn’t take up space. You can carry it to work, in your car, or bag, and even when you’re hiking for averting trouble.

Finding A Good Baton For Sale In USA

If there’s a place that has quality weapons for self-defense for its people, it’s the land of the free. You can easily access and buy batons for yourself to keep close and use when you need to. There is a high chance that you will find them in your local weapon shops. But it’s better to look for better options online where you have more choices.

It might seem like a simple stick, but even within simple batons, you have varieties you can choose from. From the extremely simple ones to the slightly advanced ones, you can get them all.

  • The simple baton is a short pole that has a rubber handle for better grip. It is usually made of plastic or metal, depending on the strength you want. Although this kind of baton is harder to take with you because you’d have to carry a stick everywhere.
  • On the other hand, the more advanced version is an expandable baton that police officers use. This one is essentially a collapsible stick that closes into a smaller block. You can jerk it to reveal the length of the baton when you need to use it.

Whichever kind of baton you choose for yourself as a professional or an amateur, you need quality. You want the material to be sturdy and durable so it can survive the constant impact. If you want to buy a baton, the best place to look is PA Knives. This online store has the best collection of affordable batons that will provide you with safety and assurance.