Top 5 Terms In SEO That Every Business Owner Needs To Understand

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Knowledge of terminology and authoritative use of SEO terminology distinguishes itself from professionals. If the basic concepts are used “out of place” with the wrong tension or elimination, then immediately. That’s it. Betray an amateur or a budding expert. This is especially evident during personal contact.
Here are the top 5 SEO terms that every business owner needs to understand.

1. Rating factors

Ranking factors are features of search engine algorithms, which determine the status of a document on request in a region specific to the user. Factors can vary: the site, its web environment, and the query itself, from the Internet to user behavior.
Modern search engines work with hundreds of different factors, including the end user (SERP personality).

2. Internal correction

Internal optimization is a set of measures aimed at improving the indexing of a site by search engines and a group of site factors that are determined by the content of the site.
The combination of factors determined by site content is called internal ranking factors.

3. External correction

External optimization is a set of measures aimed at improving a group of ranking factors, which are determined by search engines in the web environment (third party sites on the Internet).

4. Behavioral factors

Behavior Factors – A set of features of search engine algorithms that are calculated based on user behavior. User behavior is listed on SERP pages and the site is self-medicating and third-party resources are listed.

5. SERP and SERM

SERP (Search Engine Results Summary) is a search engine results page.
Serum (Search Engine Reputation Management for Abroad) is a set of steps to improve the reputation of a brand or person using digital marketing search engine optimization (SEO) tools. Literally: search engine optimization.