5 Pro Tips to Get Rid of Junk from Your Humble Abode


The wise and enlightened Mary Kondo believes that tidying up one’s home is an excellent step towards resetting one’s life. We couldn’t agree more because living amidst junk, jumble, and clutter undermines our physical and mental wellbeing. 

Besides, there’s something refreshing about a neatly organized home, gleaming countertops, squeaky clean floors, and of course, a labeled pantry. Getting rid of junk and organizing your humble abode will elevate your life quality, bringing out the best in your living space. 

Does your garage look like a storage dump for old furniture, discarded appliances, and broken fixtures? Imagine repurposing it into an ambient Zen corner for your yoga sessions. Or perhaps, you’d like to turn it into a playroom for the kids to control the clutter of toys. 

Once you start eliminating the junk, you can cook up hundreds of ideas to add value to your home. It’s easier to come up with a system to organize all the rooms and belongings once you’ve decluttered your space. Keep reading to explore some pro tips that will help you eliminate all junk to reinvent your comfort and ambiance. 

  1. Explore Storage Solutions 

Are you searching for a temporary storage solution to relocate the old baby furniture until you decide to expand your family? Or perhaps, you want storage space for inherited heirlooms and books to free up space in your home?

Homeowners explore storage solutions for a wide array of reasons. Suppose you want to free up space without completely breaking off ties with your belongings. In that case, getting a storage unit is the wisest choice. 

Many homeowners in flood-prone areas look into storage solutions to prevent damages or undertake renovations. But suppose you’re experiencing water damage in your house due to floods or torrential rains. In that case, it’s wise to explore free resources to learn about the implications of storm damage and how to avert them. Besides, relocating your belongings and precious items before or after a storm is a diligent approach to reducing expenses and hassle. 

However, be sure to rent a temperature-controlled storage unit to prevent humidity-induced damages, especially when storing furniture, books, and artwork. 

  • Make Some Money 

Are you anxious to get rid of inherited heirlooms that you’re never going to use? Selling off an old records collection, antiquities, and relics is a fabulous idea to declutter and raise some money. You can put that money towards redecorating your space and bringing items that you genuinely love. 

There are several ways to do this. For instance, you can hold a grand yard sale and put everything that doesn’t spark joy on display. eBay is also a trusted platform to find eager customers willing to buy your items at a hefty price. Craiglist is another excellent option to sell off used and unwanted items. 

We advise you to do a thorough closet purge and round up all old clothes, shoes, and accessories you no longer wear. The online thrift marketplace is thriving and ever-growing, and you can explore reliable platforms to sell off your used clothes. Now’s a great time to make some money off of clothes that no longer spark joy. 

Remember, when selling items online, aesthetics matter tremendously. So, be sure to take high-definition photographs of everything you’re selling. Take your time to create the listings, and add detailed and catchy descriptions to attract customers. You can also explore the Facebook marketplace for an effortless route. 

  • Moments of Generosity 

Does your best friend always compliment that floral maxi dress you no longer wear? If it’s still in pristine condition, it will make a fabulous gift to show your love and lift her spirits. Consider sharing unwanted items and belongings that are in good condition but do not align with your lifestyle. 

It’s best to open your heart and be generous towards your family and friends. Your family members and steady friends wouldn’t mind using your hand-me-downs, especially if they like the items. You can always round up everything you don’t need in the living room and ask them to choose their picks. 

Just don’t neglect the appearance and presentation of the items you present them. Be sure to clean everything, from appliances to fixtures, and repair any defects or damages you spot. 

  • Donating to Charities 

Do you know someone in the neighborhood or family who could benefit from items or clothes you no longer need? Or perhaps, you can donate toys, clothes, shoes, food supplies, and appliances to local charities?

Donating to charities is a mindful and rewarding way to give back to one’s community. It’s a tremendous act of goodwill that will bring you contentment, knowing that your clutter is meaningful for someone else. However, avoid donating items that are in tatters or no longer operate smoothly.

The Salvation Army and Habitat for Humanity are highly reliable nationwide charities to donate your old belongings. Donating fixtures and old furniture to people who can use them is better than dumping your clutter in landfills. You see, this strategy is excellent for the soul and the environment.

  • Get Crafty with Upcycling  

It’s time to get crafty and use all those upcycling pins you’ve saved up on Pinterest. Upcycling unwanted furniture, worn-out fixtures, and broken items is a great way to salvage your belongings. Besides, why throw away that old dresser when you can repurpose and repaint it into a classic, mid-century cabinet

It’s a fabulous idea if you’re comfortable with elbow grease and woodwork and like to get handy with tools. You can use the discarded table to create storage shelves or add exquisite wooden panels to your room. You can even repurpose old tires into comfy ottomans and cushiony poufs for your patio. 

There’s an endless array of ideas and inspirations to work with while upcycling and elevate unwanted items. One can even salvage and restore items that have lost their shape or purpose. 


Once you embrace the decluttering mindset, there are a million ways to dispose of your junk creatively. You can either raise money to plan a rewarding road trip with your pals or donate your belongings to a charity. We adore the idea of upcycling old furniture and fixtures to create something new and exciting.

Getting rid of your junk may seem overwhelming, as we all harbor sentimental ties with our belongings. But once the clutter is gone, imagine how happy and creative you can get by reclaiming your living space. The garage or attic can serve a tremendous purpose in your life aside from being a storage dump for your clutter.