5 Tips for High School College-Bound Teens


It may be the first time that you’ve ever left your parents’ house, but college is a whole new world, and it can be exciting and scary at the same time. That’s why it is so important to know what to expect before you go. You will have your first roommate, your first homework assignment, and even your first test! You want to make sure that you are prepared for all of these experiences because then they won’t feel as daunting.

1. Get help with admissions from trusted sources.

It is important to seek help in completing your college application with the best college counselors. The counselors will walk you through the process and provide you with the necessary steps to get accepted into colleges. There are many benefits of getting help when it comes to college applications. For starters, it makes the whole process more manageable and less stressful.

A college admissions consultant can assist you in your college application process if you need help with any part of your application or if you want guidance on what’s expected for each school. Some schools may even require a counselor’s signature on your application, which is why it’s recommended to meet with one before starting the process.

2. Get a dorm checklist from your admissions representative.

You’ll probably need a lot more for college than you realize. Enlist your parents’ help and get a head start on packing. Aside from your clothing to wear to class, here are just a few things you’ll need:

  • Essentials: a set of sheets, a pillow, a blanket, and a towel
  • Hygiene: soap, shampoo and conditioner, body wash, and lotion
  • Personal items: toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant
  • Toiletries: towel, shampoo, and conditioner
  • Clothes: comfortable clothes for lounging around in
  • Laptop: for assignments, research, and presentations
  • Power strip: for dorms with few outlets

3. Seek out help with stress management techniques.

Stressed out people are not good at taking care of themselves, and studies show that teens are the top group in the world to experience this. Luckily, there are many ways to relieve stress. For example, deep breathing is usually quite effective. It allows you to take control of your breath and focus on the present moment without unnecessarily worrying about the future or regretting the past.

Deep breathing exercises can be done anywhere and at any time, which is why they are so convenient for students who need to take their mind off of schoolwork for a few minutes or who need something to do before bedtime. It’s also important to get plenty of sleep, eat healthy foods, and exercise regularly to stay on top of the symptoms.

4. Plan ahead by applying early and showing an interest.

With deadlines coming up, you need to start the application process early. This means that you should start researching your options when you are in 9th or 10th grade. You can go to college fairs and talk to admissions representatives and college counselors or do research online about the colleges in your area. Remember that colleges want students with high grades, so make sure you stay on top of your work in high school.

5. Take your college essay seriously.

You may think the college essay isn’t an important part of your application, but the 2019 National Association for College Admission Counseling survey ranked it the fifth most important factor. This might feel overwhelming, but if you’re looking for some help, there are many resources available online for free. One popular resource is Common App Essay Prompts, which provides an outline for what you need to include in the essay and will give examples of essays written by other students for each prompt.

With these tips, you can take on college with confidence!