A Complete Guide To Best Prostate Cancer Surgeons

Cancer is a man’s small walnut-sized gland Prostate is called Prostate cancer. The prostate produces the seminal fluid that is responsible for the nourishment and transportation of sperms. Prostate cancer can occur for several reasons, but the most common reason can be due to the changes in the DNA.

The biggest risk with Prostate cancer is there are no symptoms till it reaches an advanced stage. And when cancer has reached its advanced stages, it can be deadly and lead to instant death.


 There are little to no symptoms of prostate cancer. But there can be only some potential changes that can be seen. It is essential to know about them. Never ignore the following symptoms if you notice any of them.

  • Interrupted urine flow can be a hint towards signs of prostate cancer.
  • Frequent urination can be a symptom.
  • If there is blood while urinating, immediately consult a doctor.
  • Pain while urinating could be a dangerous sign.
  • Ignoring any of the symptoms might also lead to erectile dysfunction.

What should we do?

 There are no specific reasons for this disease. You never know when you may suffer from it. And that is why monthly checkups are essential. But what if you are diagnosed with prostate cancer? What to do now?

You can get your prostate removed via conventional or robotic surgery. Robotic surgeries are quite a popular option these days. As the name suggests, doctors, with the assistance of robots, perform this surgery that reduces the chance of human error. The surgery is performed with the assistance of the robots. Not a lot of hospitals or doctors have this new skill. So before you proceed, it is essential to talk to an expert.


  •  There are chances of human error in any prostate surgery. So, you can also consider robotic surgeries as they are getting popular these days. The advantage of them is they eliminate the risk of human error.
  • The advantage of robotic surgeries is they had only to make a small cut for the surgery. So, this leads to faster healing of the wound, reduced blood loss during operation, and fewer risks.

Risks involved

  •  Prostate cancer robotic surgery involves the engagement of robotic arms that are made of metals. And metals are highly reactive. If in case they react to sensitive body parts, this can cause serious infections in the body.
  • Robotic surgery is still a new and growing technology. It is still in the development phase, and humans have not mastered this field.

Research has reported a success ratio of about 70% in robotic surgeries. If you opt for prostate surgery, you should consider robotic surgery keeping the success ratio in mind. As it involves advanced technology, it comes with a hefty price tag.

The big thing about this is that only experts can carry out this operation and we don’t have a lot of experts yet. Only a few surgeons have been certified to carry out such operations. The costs for such surgeries can be very high and can be 2 to 3 lakhs.

Robotic surgeries are an excellent option. Nothing is 100% perfect, and it also has certain risks involved which one should know. Nothing is 100% accurate, and nothing will ever be. As robots are a creation of humans, there will be a chance of some errors.

These days doctors are prescribing patients to the best prostate cancer surgeons in Naples for prostate cancer due to the success ratio. This is a life-threatening disease. Get yourself treated as soon as you can. Don’t chance with your health,