Basics of tree care in the garden




A tree in your garden is a boon to be admired and conserved. These trees can increase the cost of your house by as much as 10 per cent. The trees in your garden are the playground for your children and a touchstone for your beautiful memories.

They provide many benefits such as absorbing traffic noise, capturing air pollution, shade your house etc. they also provide beauty to nearby areas. But we forget to take care of them properly. But proper tree maintenance is essential for their growth and good health.

Here I will give you seven tips to keep your tree healthy:

Choose the right tree: The first and most important thing to relish the benefits of trees for many years is to plant the right tree in your garden.

Choose a plant that can adapt to the weather and climate conditions of your area. Also, take care of the conditions of soil, light and space where you want to plant the tree. To know which tree is best for your backyard, you can visit your local nursery.

Keep the grass away: Grass near your tree competes for water, air and nutrients with the tree. Young trees are not properly developed when grass grows by their side. So, maintain a grass-free area near the trunk of the tree for its best development.


Water properly: When you plant the tree, water thoroughly so that the soil holds the tree’s roots. During the first six months, your plant needs full attention for water. Newly planted trees require 25 gallons of water per week. For this, you can use some techniques such as taking a bucket of 5-gallon, punch holes in its bottom and place it near the tree’s roots. You have to fill this bucket with water five times a week.

There are different guidelines to water a mature tree. So, you have to research how much and how often your tree needs water?

Prune them properly: To keep your trees healthy, Pruning is a necessity. However, improper Pruning can damage your trees. Here I will provide you with some signs that you have not pruned your trees properly:

  • Tree with heavy top or bottom
  • Excess leaning of the tree at one side.
  • Irregular cuts

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Spread Mulch: Mulch prevents the tree roots from the lawnmower cuts and halts dry soil. You can use the mulch made of wood chips or shredded wood. Spread an even layer of three to four inches of it deep all around the tree. If you will pile it against the bark of the tree lead to rot and disease.

Fertilizers when needed: Fertilization gives your trees important nutrients, helps in the tree’s growth, and contributes to overall health. Here are the signs that your tree is lacking nutrients: 

  • Shorter than normal growth.
  • Dead branches
  • Yellow or Purple leaves on the tree.
  • Undersized leaves on the tree

If your tree experiences any of the symptoms mentioned earlier, it requires fertilizers. For this, you can hire an arborist to inspect your tree and provide an official diagnosis.

Protecting Tree Roots: Protecting the roots of your tree is important to ensure its wellbeing and growth. Still, most people forget about this. They only focused on the part they saw. But roots of the trees have many responsibilities, such as draw nutrients and water, hydrating and nourishing the whole plant.

So make sure that you protect the roots of your trees by following some steps:

  • Never allow anyone to drive over the root areas of trees.
  • Don’t remove or add soil beneath tree canopies without consulting an arborist

As with age, a human being needs regular check-ups by the doctor. In the same way, as a tree ages, it may develop some cracks, disease, or heavy dead branches. Hire a certified arborist who will determine problem symptoms early and recommend measures to make it again healthy and prolong its life.