Best Kindergarten School in Pune At a Glance


Pune is a metropolitan city and an educational hub in the sprawling Indian state of Maharashtra. It has many excellent schools to boast about, including the recent establishment of many good kindergarten schools. Making a choice can be challenging for parents who are passionate about finding the right kindergarten school for their children. 

There is no such thing as the best kindergarten school in Pune as different families will have a different idea of what qualifies as the ‘best’ for them. So in this blog, we will look at the top things to look for when you’re on your quest to locate the best kindergartens in Pune.

Let’s begin. 

The reputation of the kindergarten

How do you know that the kindergarten that is stealing your heart is worth sending your child to? 

By evaluating the reputation of the school!  

Reputed kindergartens are those that have been rated as the best kindergarten schools by rating agencies. The rating agency takes into account many different metrics to rank schools. One critical criterion they consider is parent satisfaction. As such, reputed kindergartens tend to enjoy the admiration of parents who are satisfied with their child’s growth and progress at the kindergarten. 

So while scouting for good kindergartens in Pune, stay one step ahead and look for reputed kindergarten schools in your city. Then narrow down your search to the top 3-5 top kindergarten schools. After you have shortlisted them, look at other factors such as the ones we have mentioned below.

Kindergarten Curriculum

Another thing worth considering is the curriculum followed by the kindergarten.

With so many kindergartens coming up every day, it becomes incredibly challenging to select the ideal kindergarten for your child. In your quest for the best, don’t be blindsided by reputation alone. Sometimes the needs of your child and your expectation from the school can be different from the ‘ideal.’ kindergarten model

So it might be worth looking at the kindergarten curriculum to identify the teaching pedagogy that is used for kindergarteners by teachers. 

World-class curriculum for preschoolers such as Maria Montessori’s Global Montessori Plus (GMP) Programme is used as the main teaching curriculum in top international schools in Pune like the Global Indian International School (GIIS). This teaching methodology is renowned and appreciated all over the world by top education critics who have claimed that this is an effective teaching method that works.

So if you’re particularly keen on training your child in one of the most progressive and internationally acclaimed curriculums, enroll your child in GIIS’s kindergarten program.

Location of the Kindergarten

Your quest for the best kindergarten schools in Pune is incomplete without an assessment of its location. 

Since kindergarten is a stage in a child’s education years when he/she is still learning how to stay away from home for long time durations, it is advisable that you explicitly look for kindergarten schools that are located close to your home. This ensures that you can quickly drop and pick up your child from school and ensure that your child is well-rested at all times.

It does not matter how reputed the kindergarten is if you have to travel 2-3 hours each day on traveling alone. Moreover, your child would not be able to enjoy their day as they would be sluggish from all the traveling. So here’s a word of advice that you should follow:

Always prioritize the location of the kindergarten. Choose a reputed kindergarten that is located not further than 30 minutes away from home. Doing this will ensure that your child is well-rested and energetic enough to sleep, play, and do their homework at home without burning out!