Choose a Bathroom Sink to Enhance the Appeal of Your Washroom

Bathroom Sink

Bathroom sinks are no more basic. There are a variety of styles, materials, and shapes that you may select. But with so many options available, finding the right one for your bathroom may seem like a tricky task. The key is exploring the varieties and knowing which option would go best with your bathroom. Below is a sink guide that can help you navigate the possible choices for the perfect basin! 

Choosing the best mount  

There is a significant difference between the different styles of sinks and mounting locations. A few popular mounting choices include:  

Countertop Washbowls

The most popular and common style of bathroom basin installation includes countertop mounted washbowls. The sink is either fitted in or over the countertop. It is usually installed as a part of the cabinetry and forms a vanity unit. Bathroom washbowls mounted on countertops are a more popular variety because they offer elbow room and extra storage. They also have considerable surface room around the cabinetry and sink. Sink styles used for countertop mounting involve: 

Fused basins: The basin and countertop are fused and created with one single material in this style. Fused and console basins are easy to maintain. 

Drop-In Basins: The sink has rolled edges, allowing it to drop down as an opening on the countertop. If you want an easy installation process, drop-down sinks are for you. 

Top mount or vessel basins: These sink types are mounted over the counter and are also considered the most stylish of all sink options. 

Under-mount basins: Under-mount sinks, as the name suggested, are mounted under the countertop. With the under-mount basin, the countertop surface edges get exposed. Since there are no rims, the sink is very easy to clean. 

Pedestal Wash Basins 

Pedestal washbasins are connected to slender, tall bases and are usually attached to the wall. The graceful lines of pedestal sinks speak of sophistication. Pedestal sinks are considered vintage; however, modern, upgraded versions are available. These styles of sinks are great for tiny spaces, as they appear more extensive but free up visual and physical play. 


Pedestal washbasins are close-packed and are perfect for smaller bathrooms or powder rooms, where storage or countertop space is not needed. 

Before you choose pedestal sinks, make sure you keep in mind a few essential factors:

First and foremost, choose whether you want hidden or visible plumbing. Either of the two does not affect the appearance or function of pedestal basins. However, it is your personal preference. The next point is the floor and the wall behind the vanity. Often vanity walls and floors are unfinished. But with pedestal sinks, it is going to be visible. It would require finishing. 

Wall-Mounted basins 

Wall-mounted basins are more common in institutional and commercial environments, but they often work in private bathrooms. These sinks hang at a considerably comfortable height and have the supply line and the drain pipe exposed. Since the plumbing is generously visible, an attractive finish over the pipe is necessary. Consider going with a chrome polish. The best part about wall-mounted basins is their cost efficiency, space efficiency and gives an open, clean look.  

Console Basins 

Console basins are a common variation of wall-mounted sinks. These sinks resemble authentic console tables mostly present in hallways or the entrance. 

Shape and Size 

Bathroom sinks don’t have a standard size. Specific sinks are tiny enough and reserved only for handwashing. Then there are other sink sizes big enough to wash your delicate clothes or hair at the most! Most bathroom round washbowls are around 16 inches minimum and 20 inches maximum. At the same time, rectangular washbasins range from 19 to almost 24 inches in width. At the same time, the front and back get ranged in between 16 and 23 inches. The usual depth of the sink is between 5 and 8 inches. Console basins are wall-mounted but have legs, either two or four.

Commonly, the shape and size of a basin depend on your personal preference. The sink style has considerable counter-surface space and also offers open shelves. You can opt for triangular basins and place them in the corner with short spaces. However, if you replace old fixtures and want to recycle your vanity, you might have to let go of your selections. 


Along with the shape of your basin, its material can also make a difference in the bathroom setting. Tradition materials, including vitreous china, fireclay, and porcelain, are basic yet classic options. But materials like natural stone, metals, and glass compete well with the age-old classics. 


Natural stones like granite, onyx, marble, and travertine offer luxurious appeal to basins. The exemplary natural colors also add to the charm of the material. Additionally, stones are great for under-mount basin installations. But stone sinks are likely to stain as they are porous and require frequent sealing. 


Ceramic basins offer smooth surfaces, are glossy, and are convenient to clean. Further, these types of materials are durable and stain-resistant as well. 


Glass basins may seem delicate and easy to break. However, these sinks are robust and created with tempered glass. The glass can hold out against regular use. But it is also essential to be careful with it. Do not use sharp metal or drop heavy items that can cause chipping and scratches. Glass sinks require extra work for cleaning, especially with hard water.  


While choosing the contour and size of your bathroom sink, you also need to ensure that your preference works with the faucet choice. Most basins available come with predrilled holes for one or more faucets. 

Centre set faucet holes come as a pair for bathroom basins. Each faucet hole gets placed after 4 inches. On the other hand, widespread faucets are best for basins with holes between 8 and 16 inches. A good sink can give good functionality and also enhance the appeal. 

According to your preference, you can select lavatory sinks according to your requirements. You can even buy a lavatory sink online