Copywriting: 5 great reasons to invest in writing


“Content is king” is the mantra that resounds in the offices of the best communication agencies, where there is an urgent need to generate clear and effective content for online customer communication with the help of the best online copywriting course. The fundamental purpose of digital communication is, in fact, to convey the right message to the target audience, and copywriting, as the art of writing (also) for the web, is the indispensable tool to achieve this goal.

When was copywriting born?

The origin of copywriting dates back to the birth of advertising, when it became necessary to write texts for advertisements, billboards, slogans, or radio programs. Words and the art of knowing how to combine them are candidates for the best technique to persuade the public and there are many who try their hand at creative writing in advertising.  “It is said that at the corner of a street there was a blind man who had a sign hanging around his neck with the words: ‘Blind from birth.’ He received few alms. An advertiser passed by and modified the sign. As the offerings flowed, the blind man, when he met him again, wanted to know what he had written. ‘The message is the same, I just changed the communication strategy’ replied the copywriter. ‘And what did you write?’ asked the blind man, curious. ‘It’s the first day of spring and I can’t see it. “(Source: Copywriting, the word at the service of marketing)

Therefore, the relevance of the textual component, in addition to the multimedia one, emerges in every message that you want to convey to your target and it is clear that nothing can be left to chance.

We at best copywriting course strongly believe in the exercise of this creative and strategic writing. Let’s see together what are the advantages of relying on a copywriting professional.

1) Winning the attention of the public

Due to the immense amount of information circulating on the web, it is not easy to emerge and capture the attention of our target consumers. A search for Hub spot, in fact, shows that 55% of visitors spend less than 15 seconds on a web page, showing how difficult it is to attract the attention of users. It is certainly a goal that is much easier to achieve when communication arouses interest, curiosity and involves users, relying on a stylistic register suitable for the product in question. The copywriter’s task is therefore to identify the “tone of voice” suitable for communicating with the company’s target, based on the characteristics that the public itself possesses. Whatever the choice of communication, formal, confidential, technical, or ironic, the important thing is that it arouses the interest of users, who will thus perceive a specific corporate identity and the benefits guaranteed by the purchase of the product.

2) The call-to-action

In the context of corporate marketing, copywriting is by its very nature persuasive. The fundamental objective that a good copywriter will never lose sight of is the generation of an action by the audience to which it is addressed. Once the user’s attention is attracted, it is essential to convert users into contacts or potential customers. The text written by the copywriter is, therefore, able to induce the user to subscribe to the newsletter, leave a contact, fill out a form, or, at best, to buy the product.

3) The SEO

Copywriting cannot ignore SEO, that set of activities for optimizing the textual content of a website that helps improve its positioning in search engine results. In today’s world of communication, it is not enough to be online: it is essential to be found. Therefore, entrusting a copywriter with the writing of the contents of your company website and possibly of your social channels is a winning move to obtain good visibility, especially with respect to relevant research.

4) Brand management

Copywriting is not art only at the service of the final sale of the product. In the business context, using a professional in the sector means employing a resource in managing the image of the brand and the company. The copywriter’s task is therefore also to identify and communicate corporate values, in order to clarify the idea that the public has of the company and the brand associated with it. In this way, well-written textual content allows people to understand the belief system underlying the company and possibly share it, thus generating the birth of stable relationships between seller and buyer.

5) Last but not least: empathy

Before being an expert in content marketing and writing techniques, a copywriter is a person with his own wealth of knowledge and experience, usually with strong sensitivity and excellent empathic skills. In the brand, product, and consumer study phase that precedes the drafting of textual content, the copywriter is able to fully understand the meeting point between the brand identity, the benefits of the product, and the needs that the target manifests. In this way, it is able to converge this information into a text in which the company can recognize the principles that inspire its work and the public, in turn, a company in which it can place its trust, certain that the shopping experience will be satisfactory.

We at best online copywriting course attach great importance to the preparation of effective textual content, SEO-oriented and aimed at converting contacts into customers. This is why we rely on a team of professional copywriters who know how to grasp the nuances of each business reality, proposing the most suitable solutions for every need. If you want to deepen this topic with us, contact us or come and visit us at our office!