Cricket Betting Glossary: Understanding Bookie’s Terms


We all bet from time to time on different things and with different odds. Gambling is deep in our bones and it has been rooted there from our creation it just changed according to times and situations.

Some sports are easy to understand and easy to bet on and there are those sports that are easy to bet on but hard to understand. With all sports out there, we believe that Cricket is the most complicated to comprehend, at least to me it is. Even Baseball is something I can understand a bit more and get behind, but cricket is a whole other story.

Today we decided to give you a bit more info on the sport itself and the terms bookies use, to have a better understanding and perhaps more luck when betting on this type of sport. So, in light of all this, we will start with a little explanation of this sport, what it is, and how it works and we will tell you about some terms and some betting strategies if you are interested. All of these can be tried and tested at Dafabet online betting places that are considered to be the best ones out there for many reasons. If you want go check them out at

What is cricket?

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Believe it or not, Cricket is a sport played by millions and loved by billions across the world. What I didn’t know at first is that this sport has been played for centuries where the first international match happened in 1844. this was sort of a turning point for this sport and it became developing into the vibrant and exciting game that we know today.

This is a baton ball sport involving two teams, 11 players on each side. The goal of the game is to beat the opposition and you will do that by scoring more runs than the opposition. One player, a bowler, throws the ball at great speed to the opposition player who tries to hit the ball to score runs.

This sport is played on an oval-shaped field and in the middle of that field is the pitch where 99% of the action takes place. What is interesting enough are three little sticks protruding from the ground at either of the sides of the pitch. Those sticks are called wickets. They are made out of tree stumps supporting two bails.

Now for the tricky part of the game. The batting team has two batters at the time in play whilst the fielding side has all 11 players on the field. A batter can score runs in two ways – they hit the ball far enough that it crosses the outer boundary (if the ball is bounced it is worth 4 runs and if it clears the boundary it is worth 6 runs) and through the two batters running length of the pitch in the opposite direction while the fielders are retrieving the ball (one length of the pitch completed is worth one run).

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There are several ways you can out the batter and they include

– Bowled is the most common one which means that the batter misses the ball and it hits the stumps where bails come off.

– Caught is also a term you need to know and it means that after the batter hits the ball one of the fielders has caught it before it hit the ground.

– LBW or leg before wicket means that the bowler throws the ball, the batter misses it and it hits the leg of the batter.

– Run out means that the batter has hit the ball and started running but the fielding team has retrieved the ball and threw it to the stumps before either batter has reached the other end.

After all, batters have been outed and replaced the fielding team has a chance to beat the overall score. The winner is the team that, in the end, has more runs after both sides have batted. A little strange and unusual but this is cricket, you either love it or hate it. Those were some of the terms used in the game and some of the games explained, well all of the games explained briefly. Now we will talk to you about some betting strategies you might want to test when cricket is in question.

If you want a successful bet on this sport you need to distinguish three main formats of the game domestic and international

– test cricket (oldest and purest game lasting over 50 days as a true test of mental and physical ability of the individuals and a team),

– one-day international cricket (shorter version of the game – 50 overs for each team to score as many runs as they can) and

the T20 is similar to the previous one where the winning team is the one that scores the most runs but in this case in only 20 overs.

Now here is what you need to consider when making a winning strategy in cricket, across all three of these formats.

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Host Nation and Venue is the most important thing you need to consider because the playing conditions are not the same in India, Pakistan and Australia and England. Some venues and host nations cater to faster bowlers’, others not so much, some pitches are quicker having more pace and the game is faster overall.

A recent form of players and teams is something you need to track in any sport like this one. ICC Rankings are the best place to start looking for the information of this type and start making comparisons across all teams and players you are interested in.

Coin toss. Believe it or not, this is another factor to consider before placing your first bet. Numerous games in test matches have been decided upon a coin toss. The team with the right call on the toss of the coin will choose whether to bat or bowl and this can put them in a favourable and controlling situation.

Weather conditions are also something you need to consider heavily and the reason for that is the fact that wet conditions are generally favouring the bowling side. Bowlers can heavily utilize bad weather where they can maximize the impact of the pitch conditions and the air. This gives them an additional edge and makes batting conditions extremely difficult.