5 Essential Tips Every Golfer Should Know  

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Golf is always way more fun when you know how to play properly! Golf is a sport that is constantly evolving. As a result, both professional and beginner golfers are always seeking new ways to improve their overall approach to the game.

After all, there is nothing quite as rewarding as witnessing your hard work and dedication finally paying off on the golf course. But this process can also prove to be a little bit overwhelming.

Yet if you really want to prove yourself as an authentic golf player, there are a couple of important tips you should know. Fortunately, there are websites you can use to learn more about golf to prepare you for any occasion, – such as https://swingyard.com/.

1. Use The Right Equipment

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One of the most crucial tips for a golfer is to start playing with the right equipment. If you opt to use unforgiving clubs or goofy drivers from the get-go then you’re already making the game so much more difficult than it needs to be!

There are a few categories to think about when considering golf equipment: golf balls, golf clubs, and shafts. We’ll dive into these below.

Golf Balls

Whether you’re a veteran or a complete beginner, playing with the right golf ball is crucial! A beginner may want to focus on using a softer ball that emphasizes distance instead of spin. These balls have different compression rates and selecting a softer ball to offset slower swing speed will help a beginner.

Golf Clubs

The key is selecting a club that is designed for your current ability. If you’re a beginner, use a more lightweight club that is easier to hit. You can try using a mid-iron for the majority of your full-swing practice.


The shafts of the club are just as important as the club you use. Make sure your chosen shaft helps you to swing quickly to get the most out of each club. As you progress, you can experiment with different shaft flexes and weights to maximize your golfing.

2. Master Your Tempo At The Driving Range

Professional golfers make the sport look effortless. Even if these great players have vastly different swing speeds, the one thing they have in common is tempo – usually a 3:1 tempo. This automatically means that their backswing is three times as long as the downswing.

Tempo allows numerous moving parts of the golf swing to come full circle to produce a consistent and highly desirable shot. Ensuring a fluid golf swing when keeping tempo at the forefront of your mind is essential if you are trying to hit center-facing strikes.

If you’re looking to learn from the pros when you’re at the driving range then make your focus on your tempo! Whether your swing speed is slow or fast, the tempo of your swing must match this 3:1 speed.

If you don’t, you could cause issues with your follow-through, transition, and swing. This will result in a more inconsistent swing while playing golf.

3. Focus On The Fundamentals

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Another essential golf tip every golfer should know is to focus on the fundamentals. A lot of players look for golf tips to hit the ball as far out as possible and hit many types of trick shots. But one thing that cannot be ignored or forgotten is the fundamentals of the sport!

Of course, you must have a good understanding of how to swing your golf club. But a lot of the swing occurs before you even think about hitting the ball in the first place. In layman’s terms, you need to focus on the setup.

Any error made before you move your golf club could lead to an off swing which will throw off your entire game.

  • Grip: your grip must match your swing. If your grip is too weak it could lead to a slice that will limit your total distance. A stronger grip will set you up for a better overall game. Once you become more familiar with the game then you’ll likely find your grip automatically becoming stronger.
  • Stance: having a solid stance with your feet shoulder-width apart and your knees bent will set you up for success. If you are using a longer club then widen your stance to make the space for it. This will also help you to make a full shoulder turn on the backswing.
  • Posture: after you have established a solid stance, you must turn your attention to improving your posture. You’ll want to have your back straight, slightly tilt your hips, bend both of your knees, and keep your head back slightly at address. This will set you up for a more consistent swing and could limit the risk of injury.

4. Never Let Emotions Cloud Your Judgment

We have emphasized the importance of understanding the physicality of making a successful golf swing. But there is one more thing you must know, and that is how to manage your emotions so you don’t become overwhelmed in the heat of the moment.

Let’s say you’ve hit a terrible shot out of bounds on the 12th hole after a couple of great rounds beforehand. You have two choices: ignore it and switch your focus to the next shot, or take your failure personally and punish yourself.

Nobody likes to feel embarrassed or like they aren’t good enough. Fortunately, there’s a way of making sure that you can get up and move on with your life: take it in your stride!

In this scenario, it’s super important that you can take bad swings on board without letting your frustration or anger turn into a complete meltdown. Even the top of the league pros take bad shots, and they get paid incredible amounts of money to participate in a game of golf!

In simple terms, it’s okay to feel negatively about a bad swing. But instead of dwelling on it, you must put it out of your mind and never let it impact the following shot!

5. Golf Etiquette Is Important

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Similarly, it’s also important for golfers to know about golf etiquette.

Golfing dates back to the 15th century. Since this time, it has become a game chock full of integrity and honesty. After all, nobody likes a cheater – and everyone wants to be respectful to the game and other players.

Golf etiquette is a very important way of ensuring the success of the game. It exists to not only show respect but also promote safety and awareness, whether that’s how you dress on the course or how you treat others.

There are some common golf etiquette rules you must follow. We’ve listed them below for you to take a look at.

  • Remain quiet while other players are actively hitting their shots.
  • The lowest overall score on the previous hole must tee off first.
  • Never walk in-between a player’s – or your own – golf ball and the hole located on the green.
  • The player that is situated farthest from the hole will go first. This includes any space on the green.
  • You should mark your ball when you are on the green while other golfers are putting.


After reading this article, you should now be aware of some of the five essential tips that every golfer should know. From correcting your physical form to getting the best overall shot to managing complicated emotions and treating others with respect, there are many things you must do to ensure you have a fulfilling golf experience.