The Various Developments of Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles

There’s no doubt about it, the Electric Vehicle, or EV, is the future of transportation; we are already seeing prototypes on our roads and as time passes, vehicles are getting faster and can travel long distances between charges. There are numerous sectors in the EV industry, which we will outline in this article.

Motor Racing

MotoGP is already running an e-bike championship, with about 15 teams that are dedicated to winning; It does take some getting used to at the start of the race when the only sound you hear is the whining of the gearing. While you might consider the lack of engine roar a minus, the extra torque is a huge plus! EV dragsters easily beat the fuel-based vehicles, due to not having to go through the gears, while the F1 world is also making progress with EVs. Formula E is attracting a lot of attention and we are talking faster speeds than the F1, so we can expect the electric racing cars to slowly come to the center of the stage, in line with the phasing out of fossil fuel engines.

Entertainment & Hospitality

Check out the electric golf cart price from Thailand’s leading golf cart supplier, a vehicle that is widely used in corporate hospitality. Taking potential clients to look at houses on development is just one of the ways that EVs are used; pickups from the foyer to the chalet, collecting VIPs from small private airstrips, and ferrying guests to different venue zones. Why are EVs so popular? There are no doors, you simply hop in and your driver hits to go pedal! They even have air-conditioned units and enclosed buggies with heating for colder climates. EVs are not complex and require minimum maintenance; simply plug the unit in and it is ready to go next time you need it.


Of course, the golf cart is indispensable and has long been used to ferry golfers around the course, plus they use them a lot in big events like the Olympics when officials need to get from A to B. Some boxing trainers follow their boxer when on a run and the EV is perfect for that, as it is pollution-free. You would be surprised at the number of sports where EVs are used and the number is growing.

Production EVs

All of the major auto manufacturers are investing heavily in R&D, each striving to develop batteries that are lighter, have a higher capacity, and charge faster. Of course, there will be winners and losers, while BMW is certainly one of the leaders in EV development, as is Toyota. This is an exciting time to be a motorist, as we move from fossil fuel power to clean and renewable energy, and before very long, the EV will be the only vehicle you’ll see on the roads. Here is an interesting article that offers common causes of road traffic accidents.

Driverless EVs

If you are the kind of person that loves shifting through the gears in your turbo-powered V8, this could soon be a thing of the past. The Internet of Things is a platform for digital devices and when merged with the 10x data speeds of 5G, AI can safely monitor all traffic, ensuring there are no collisions. Every vehicle has special sensors fitted and the AI entity controls all vehicle movement, which, in theory, should end road traffic accidents!

The Thai government is investing heavily in the promotion and support of Electric Vehicles, as this website details. If you are looking to buy a new car, do consider going for an EV, which is the eco-friendly choice and is most definitely the future of motoring.

In conclusion, we can safely say that the EV is almost ready to replace those thirsty, gas-guzzling engines and as we see more charging stations replacing the fossil-fuel stations, more and more drivers will make the switch to EVs. This is something that will really help to heal the planet and along with other clean energy such as wind and solar, we can begin to make our planet a nicer and healthier place for all living things.