Do-It-Yourself Glass Handling in Sydney


DIY Home Projects have become quite popular in Sydney, Australia, where a lot of people partake in home improvement activities and then share the details on social media.

Dealing with glass is always a delicate matter, and you should almost always consult a professional. But there are times when you may be able to do a DIY repair; without the assistance of a window glass repair service. This actually depends on the type of glass that has been broken and how badly it is shattered.

Prior to attempting any kind of repair work yourself, it may also be best to consult with a professional just to be safe, as they may recommend that the work instead of be performed by a glass specialist.

Here are some of the most basic materials that you will need to perform the work yourself:

  • Masking tape
  • Clamps or a clothespin
  • Clear epoxy glue

Fit the Broken Glass Pieces Together

Before you attempt anything else, begin by very carefully assembling the broken pieces of glass to determine exactly how they fit together, making sure that every piece is complete.

Unless you have all of the pieces, you will not be able to completely perform the work, and the glass item could end up becoming extremely dangerous to use as a result.

Evaluate Your Setting Technique

This is perhaps the most important step of the entire process, as this will ensure that not only will all of the pieces fit well together, but that the glue will properly hold all of them together as well. Begin by carefully studying the item itself and determine the best way to hold the pieces together while the glue is setting.

For example, a flat piece of glass may hold best with pressure applied on both sides, while something cylindrical in shape would likely need to be taped together.

Glass is such a beautiful thing that has endless applications in our present-day lives. From windows to crockery to optic fiber cables to entire buildings, it has become an integral part of our lives. You could go visit a glass brasserie in your favorite part of town, or experience the glass bottom boat in Sydney Aquarium.

Gluing the Glass Pieces Together

When you have established your setting technique and determined how every glass piece should fit together, you can then begin the process of gluing. The best kind of glue to use for this type of job is clear epoxy glue. Typically, this glue comes with an applicator; however, if you find some that don’t come with one, then use something like a toothpick or the bottom of a matchstick when applying the glue to the glass pieces.

Simply apply a thin amount of the glue to the edge of one piece and attach it to its neighboring piece. It’s important to note that this step requires a great deal of patience, as oftentimes, the gluing process may require days before the next piece can actually be attached. Once all of the pieces have been successfully glued to each other and a tight hold has been achieved, let the entire piece settle for approximately one week.