Eight ways to keep your followers on Instagram

Eight ways to keep your followers on Instagram

Since Instagram was founded, it has grown from a website for posting photos of your vacation to a handy marketing tool for businesses. The basic rule of influencing as a brand and an individual is to have followers engaging with you. When you have these types of followers, you will be able to achieve your marketing goals on Instagram.

1. Make your followers part of your conversation

You should create content that makes it easier for your followers to contribute. It’s the easiest way to improve your engagement rate.

Don’t see Instagram just as a platform for the presentation of your products and services. Think of it as a community where every user interacts with each other. You will be surprised that people want to interact with your brand. You need the right boost. As a bonus, you don’t have to go back or how to buy more Instagram followers! One way to get your followers to contribute is to ask questions at the end of each post. You can also encourage them to share their experiences. You can even take surveys on your Instagram story or give freebies.

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2. Host Instagram Live Videos

Top Instagram companies regularly host live Instagram videos. You should also consider hosting yours. That way, you authentically connect with your audience.

When hosting a live video, make sure it’s a two-way thing. Allow your audience to ask questions and you should ask them questions too. Create a feeling like you are sitting down and chatting with your audience.

After hosting a live chat with your audience, you will find that your followers who participated in the live chat are interacting with your posts better than before.

If you don’t know how to start a live video on Instagram, here’s how.

Go to your Instagram app in the top left and tap the camera icon. Another alternative is to swipe right from anywhere on your feed.

“Live” is displayed at the bottom of the app. Tap this button

The number of people who have viewed your video is shown at the top of the screen.

To review your comments, check below the screen. You can also comment on your live video by tapping Comment. When you have a specific comment you want your viewers to see, tap Pin Comments so they can easily see it.

3. Reply to DMs with video

If you get behind on direct messages, you can reply to DMs with a video. Answering DMs with a video is faster and more convenient than picking up your phone and keying in your answer. Aside from ease, it is better remembered by the recipient than typing the message. This is because they feel like they are experiencing something unique. The relationship they have with you will feel personal and thus increase their loyalty to your brand.

4. Create service-oriented content

So that your Instagram followers can get in touch with you, your content should always offer them something like a suggestion on how to implement a new idea you just had or a quote from a famous person; Don’t just post information about your brand, most of the time your audience won’t be interested in that information.

A picture of what’s going on in your office is fine, but be sure to add a new label instead of a nice Friday. That doesn’t bring you meaningful engagement.

Don’t post a picture without a destination. Make sure every picture you post is backed up by a story and always include your story in your caption. Think about how your contribution will benefit your audience. That way, they can respond to your picture.

You can post a picture of the points you made during your Instagram story. When you do this, anyone who hasn’t seen your live video will have an idea of ​​what you said. Even people who missed your video will love to see it next time.

For example, if you’ve created a video on how to make chicken pizza, then you can post on chicken pizza recipes.

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5. Be relatable

If your target market on Instagram is the general public, rather than a highly enlightened cliché, then you should try to understand more than strive.

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t post inspirational pictures, you should do it sometimes, but avoid too much of them as it can give your audience a picture of perfection that can create a sense of separation between your followers and yourself. If your audience can relate to your experiences, mistakes, and victories, they can trust everything you say.

6. Reply to comments on posts

Answering comments seems obvious, but regardless of the apparent truth in this area, so many content creators are lacking in this area. Even if you can’t respond to everyone who comments on your picture, your audience will feel important if you take some time out of your busy schedule to respond to some comments.

7. Publish user-generated content

One surefire way to get a lot of engagement from your community is to get them to generate content for your brand; That way you are sure that they need to post something. Knowing that they are the source of your content, stay true to your brand as it is theirs.

8. Activate your Follower’s channels

Interacting with your audience on your Instagram post is one thing, but interacting with them on their channel will bring your audience even more joy.

You don’t have to follow everyone to do this. I strongly believe that you should follow accounts that inspire you and that you find interesting. Smmservices.ca is the best channel to get all of the same services just at low rates. However, if a follower sends you a direct message, you can go to their account and write an interesting comment on their latest post.