What Is The Entourage Effect? – Mixture of Compounds

What Is The Entourage Effect
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As more and more places legalize cannabis, and science starts to pay more attention to the health benefits and medicinal uses of this plant, we venture deeper into the effects it can have. One of these is the entourage effect.

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So, basically, the entourage effect is the term for a mixture of compounds in cannabis that work together to control the psychoactive effects of the plant.

But, let’s delve a little deeper.

What Is The Entourage Effect?

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In its simplest forms, this effect is the understanding that the entire spectrum of this plant works at its most efficiently together. The way in which all compounds of this plant interact, like the terpenes and phytocannabinoids, coming together can increase the effect.

This term is typically used in reference to many of the herbal remedies we find that house different compounds that are most efficient together. Helping them to better make an impact on someone’s health and well-being, be it easing depression or anxiety to calming inflammation.

The Entourage Effect – CBD

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The effect has focused on the process that occurs when other compounds join with cannabidiol. Unlike when CBD is in its raw solo form. This uses a variety of phytochemicals, and there can be many positive effects from this.

The compounds can work together in many ways.

Terpenes are a good example. Found through nature, they are found in mass most in the cannabis plant, which has over 140 that we know of.

They are found as aromatic compounds, which are those that create the smell of the plant.

These also make up the basis for a large number of essential oils, which can be highly beneficial on their own. However, aside from their enjoyable scent, they can also be used to bring about some benefits to health, as per noted by research in this area.

Then there is CBD and THC, which is the only compound that is psychoactive and can create that ‘high’ feeling, which is illegal in most places.

CDB does not only make this feeling, but it is also capable of controlling the effects of THC, stopping you from feeling this too excessively. CBD on its own is seen as being highly beneficial and is often preferred due to how it lacks THC.

The Possible Benefits

There is potential for occurrences in which only one cannabinoid is required, however, for the most part, they will work best as a plethora, and thus deliver this entourage effect.

A combination of CBD and Pinene can actually mitigate some of the most aggressive effects THC can have on short-term memory.

There is a very broad range of cannabinoids, and many of these are actually perfect for helping to treat cancer. This is because they are able to work synergistically in order to enhance the antitumor properties that they hold in them.

If you were to combine terpenes and cannabinoids, you could also improve the ways in which they are useful as a form of painkiller or even as an anti-inflammatory.

There is a good deal of health benefits you can reap from the entourage effect, however, these are perhaps not so commonly known as they should be.

How Much To Take

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Back to what we said about THC and CBD for a moment. THC and CBD work best as a unit than they do alone, or at least this is what some believe.

But, you should remember that cannabis does not have a solid effect. By this we mean, its effects vary from person to person, and therefore everyone who uses cannabis will have different goals. Yours will differ from your friends.

So, a person who has Crohn’s may make use of a cannabis-focused medicine to ease their nausea. They will have a totally different ratio of their CBD to THC ratio than someone you might consider to be a weekend warrior who uses it to ease their muscular pains.

There is no dead certain ratio for everyone, it will vary per person.

If you want to start taking it, it is best to talk to a healthcare provider. A health professional can recommend to you what ratios will best benefit you. You should also be mindful of using THC and CBD if you are taking other medications.

There can be drug interactions between prescribed medications and the use of cannabis, a doctor will inform you of this, as it may not be a safe choice for everyone.

Not only this but both of the aforementioned compounds can also have potential side effects too. Since THC is a psychoactive compound it is able to cause a dry mouth, short-term memory loss, fatigue and slower reaction times, even anxiety in some people.

Alternatively, CBD is able to have side effects such as changes in weight, diarrhea, and nausea.

Of course, you need to remember that not everyone will experience these, but some may.

Then, marijuana is not legal everywhere, and in most places, it will need to be prescribed to be legal. It can be legal under certain circumstances and state laws, so you should always be aware of this before trying to find out if the entourage effect is for you.

Making The Most Of It

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So, how can you best reap the benefits of the entourage effect?

The best way is to use the products that host a variety of terpenes and cannabinoids. A full-spectrum oil or tincture can be reasonable, but so could varietals in their raw state, as they often host distinct cannabinoid-terpene profiles.

When taking an entourage effect-based cannabis medication try taking it with a meal that has many good fats to help enhance the rate of absorption. You can also use many methods of consumption. Do not forget to also keep a healthy diet and lifestyle too to help your body boost the production of cannabinoids.