Facts About GOL Linhas Aereas Airlines and its Cancellation Policy

gol linhas aereas airlines cancellation policy

GOL Linhas Aereas Airlines is the main carrier Airline in Brazil that is engaged to serve a vast range of international flights. If a passenger is required to cancel their GOL Linhas Aereas Airlines flight, so before processed you must know all the information about the GOL Linhas Aereas Airlines cancellation policy. This company operates the two segments: first is a flight transportation and loyalty program. 

24-hour cancellation policy of GOL Linhas Aereas Airlines

GOL Linhas Aereas Airlines offers a 24-hour cancellation policy, keeping in mind the needs and conditions of travelers. GOL Linhas Aereas Airlines offers more flexibility and benefits for travelers when managing their reservations. According to the GOL Linhas Aereas Airline 24-hour cancellation policy, travelers may cancel a flight reservation on GOL Linhas Aereas Airlines within 24 hours of purchase. 

GOL Linhas Aereas Airlines will provide a full refund of the cost of your flight ticket. This airline allows you to cancel your flight ticket at any time. This airline has set the cancellation fee for both domestic and international flights. If the traveler has gone to reserve their flight with GOL Linhas Aereas Airlines and traveler need to cancel, then you are at the right place, passenger can find all the information traveler need to navigate the gol linhas aereas airlines cancellation policy and determine what policies apply to your situation.     

How can a passenger cancel their flight ticket in GOL Linhas Aereas Airlines?

If the passenger has reserved a flight ticket with the GOL Linhas Aereas Airlines, but due to some emergency, the passenger needs to cancel it. To begin the cancellation method you need your flight confirmation number that is ready to be entered or provided to the aviation executive. Once the GOL Linhas Aereas Airlines cancellation method is completed, the passenger will be notified of the refund options you can choose.

Passengers may get a refund on a reserved flight? 

If a passenger flight is canceled, you can request a return credit note that the passenger can use to book a future trip or get a refund. Passenger flight is affected by government restrictions, you can rebook a comparable route, receive a refund in-flight credit and be paid 20% of the original fare, and opt for a full cashback. 

Can I cancel my flight and be eligible to get a full refund?

You are entitled to get a full refund on your canceled flight within the 24hours of the booking. Even, if the airline says you are not. At that time, the airline will make a significant adjustment to get you the reservation for the next flight.

What is the fee for the flight cancellation?

Passengers will be charged INR 3000 and an airfare fee when canceling a domestic flight. For international flights, passengers will have to spend INR 6000 or the airfare fee. Cancellation fees for international flights may vary. 

How can they change their flight date after the reservation? 

If a passenger needs to make some changes in the gol linhas aereas airlines reservations like the destinations, dates, and time. After the changes have been done, your flight ticket will be reissued. In most cases, airlines will charge the fee for exchanging a flight ticket. Other restrictions will apply to what may or not be changed on a flight ticket.

How can I reschedule my flight without a fee?

Six ways to avoid paying airline ticket change fees:

  • Do it within 24 hours.
  • Do this 60 days ahead of time. 
  • Buy a flexible fare or opt for an add-on. 
  • Change for a flight on the same day if the passenger can. 
  • Watch for any scheduled changes.
  • Request your case. 
  • The elite status helps. 

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