Features of a Good Coffee Maker

drip coffee machines

Once you have chosen the coffee machine, have a look at some important features, which will make your coffee experience much better and quicker.

A coffee machine has many of the features to help you make your perfect cup of joy. We will guide you about some good features of a coffee machine you should look at before buying a coffee machine.


Coffee makers are of different capacities from 1 cup to 20 cups, if you drink coffee 1 or 2 cups a day the simple machine will be good for you but if you are a true coffee lover then you must look for the machine which suits your coffee drinking habit.

Brew Pause

Nowadays coffee machines are coming with an amazing feature named brew-pause, this feature is good for those who can not wait to brew 10 cups of tea. This feature allows you to pause the brewing process and pour 1 cup of coffee and when you put the carafe back to the machine it continues the brewing process.

Strength Setting

Brew Strength setting is a new feature added to the coffee makers which gives you the control of brew time in your hands, which means you can brew the coffee for as long as you want. This procedure does not require more or less amount of water, the amount of water will be the same but as long as the water will be in contact with the coffee grounds, it will add up more flavors to it, but the taste will be changed.

Performable clock

If you need to have a cup of coffee just when you wake up in the morning, this feature will help you. As it allows you to set the time of coffee to be made. And gives you a fresh cup of coffee exactly when you want it. Using this feature you don’t have to worry if you keep the coffee machine turned on the whole night. It will work according to the time set for the coffee to be made.

Automatic shutoff

Many people love drinking coffee but forget to turn off the machine after making coffee, this feature is made for people like those. It automatically turns the machine and the hot plates off after some time in case you have forgotten to turn the machine off.


Glass and insulated are the two most common carafes coming with the coffee machine. Glass has been used for a long time, but now we are dealing with the insulated carafes, which can keep the coffee warm.


Filters are placed in coffee makers which help you filter the coffee easily, coffee filters come in two varieties, the first one is a paper filter which is useless after 1 use, and on the other hand, is the permanent filter that you have to clean after every use.


1. What type of coffee machine do you want?

Drip coffee machines

These machines might be very popular at the moment. As its name shows, it makes coffee by dripping nearly boiled water over grounds of coffee present in the filter.

Another indicator of drip coffee machines is that they are fine to bring out the specific tastes, flavors, and fragrances of different types of coffee beans. Actually, most single-origin beans are categorized as drip coffee for this reason.


If you drink milk-based coffee more often, an espresso machine could be a better choice for you to keep at home as a coffee lover. These implementations are engineered to brew a high congregation of black coffee, this will work as the base of creating specialty drinks, such as cappuccino, Americano, macchiato, mocha, and café latte.

2. What is the capacity of a coffee machine?

Most coffee machines hold water in an onboard container from which they draw the certain amount required for each brew size. The size of the water tank depends upon the model of a coffee maker from 40 ounces to 72 ounces and even more.

If the machine will be serving a couple of coffee addicts, a machine that does not require regular refills may be necessary. On the other hand, if you are the only one who will be using it, and you only need 1-2 cups of coffee per sitting, a model with a small tank will suffice.