Fully Paperless Onboarding, Collect E-Signatures from Employees

Collect E-Signatures

In this modern era, everything is becoming online and paperwork is reduced significantly. Like e-commerce, online shopping, and online interviews, e-signature is also becoming popular and taking an important part in daily life.

E-Signature or Electronic signatures are data in the electronic form connected to or logically connected to other data in electronic form. In today’s highly integrated world, traditional methods of signing and validating documents are increasingly being undermined by technological advances such as electronic signatures.

Electronic Signatures Procedure:

An e-sign is a specific symbol in electronic form that confirms and validates a document, same as the pen and paper signature. In the e-sign procedure, documents are stamped automatically with a unique ID that is later used to securely link the signature to the document. In this process, signatory signs at the bottom of the document or anywhere where there is a place. After clicking ‘I accept’ or ‘I agree’, the signs enter and become part of the document. The main thing is that it is legally recognized.

It brings efficiency to any department and can be very useful, like: Save time:

E-Sign saves your most valuable resource- time. When you have to sign on paper, first you need to print the document or contract, send it to another

person, and wait for the response which takes so much time. But with the e-sign process, your time will be saved and everything will be online in just one touch.

Easy for employees:

It gives an easy chance to the candidates of the job to get easy access to the e-sign documents and it doesn’t matter from where they are.

Enhanced Security:

With this, you can safely send sensitive information without any hurdle, and today’s customers want paperless experiences. It minimizes the risks of leaking the information through the document.


E-Sign allows for remote authentication, it is an alternative to mailing and/or printing and scanning, and a much easier solution.

Save office space:

When e-sign works properly and the person will sign every document online then he does not need to come to the office or any organization, and this thing will save space.

Take advantage of electronic signatures and e-Sign-enabled forms and documents to automate onboarding and HR processes. Save time with electronic signatures in HRMatrix, which helps you create an online signature. eSignatures are a fast and easy way to sign contracts and legal documents.