Spatz3 : A Non-Surgical and Non-Invasive Gastric Balloon


There’s a lot of information on the internet about losing weight and how to do it without surgery, from details about fruit diets to intermittent fasting and even unique workout plans guaranteed to help you lose 100 pounds in three months. Unfortunately, filtering through all this information to find what is and isn’t going to be easy. 

The article presents you with the information you need about the Spatz3 non-surgical gastric balloon and how it can assist in your journey to lose weight.

What is an Adjustable Gastric Balloon and Why Use Spatz3?

Adjustable gastric balloons are non-invasive weight loss options used to reduce high-calorie consumption when you want to lose weight. With the aid of an endoscope, a Spatz3 non-surgical, adjustable gastric balloon is lowered into the stomach through your throat. The downsides to ordinary non-adjustable balloons are many. There is discomfort, which sometimes results in the entire gastric balloon needing to be removed. The Spatz3 adjustable gastric balloon can be fitted to the needs of the patient.

Unlike standard gastric balloons, which tend to have severe side effects like ulcers and irritations, the Spatz3 adjustable gastric balloons can be adjusted to suit your body so you don’t need to suffer.

Benefits of Using the Spatz3 Adjustable Gastric Balloon

Spatz3 adjustable gastric balloons come with many benefits. They can act as a preparatory, non-invasive method of shedding weight ahead of other surgeries.

  • Unlike surgeries like gastric bypass, they don’t require extended recovery periods and can be used for up to 6 months to lose 30-over 40 pounds. Furthermore, Spatz3 adjustable non-surgical gastric balloons can be used by people diagnosed with obesity to shed excess fat before they can qualify for gastric bypass.
  • The Spatz3 adjustable gastric balloons also help you to manage conditions such as diabetes and some other stomach and digestion-related issues, that are sometimes agitated by standard gastric balloons.
  • When a patient notices that they feel uncomfortable with adjustable balloons, they can visit the hospital to adjust the volume of gastric balloons up or down. This procedure is also done by endoscopy (An endoscope is a device used to look into the stomach without having to perform surgery).
  • Like the standard gastric balloons, adjustable gastric balloons also contain saline solution which can be adjusted according to the desires of the person using the gastric balloon.
  • The Spatz3 medical adjustable balloons can be used for 3 to 6 months at a stretch which is longer than the standard usage time for normal gastric balloons. After the period for its use has been reached, the adjustable balloon is then drained and removed with the aid of the endoscope. These procedures are performed without requiring the patient to check into the hospital or undergo any major surgery preparations. Finally, the recovery time for the placement and removal of the gastric balloon is usually 1-2 hours.

Gastric balloons are safer and healthier when considering alternative approaches to weight loss and healthy eating. Especially when you are scared of, or can’t undergo surgery. The Spatz3 Medical balloons help to make the usage of gastric balloons even safer. 

Who are the Spatz3 Gastric Balloons For?

Ideal Body Mass Index (BMI) is usually over 18.5 and under 25. Gastric balloons are effective for people whose BMIs exceed 30. Losing weight when your BMI has exceeded 30 can be pretty tricky because your body will rely significantly on overeating or at least eating maintenance calories. Options like surgery begin to seem like the only hope. However, the fear of going under the knife and the numerous complications attached can make things complicated.

The best solution would be using non-surgical methods that are not too stressful on the body. This is where the Spatz3 adjustable gastric balloon system comes in. Spatz3 non-surgical balloons are also used by patients who have medical conditions that prevent them from undergoing standard surgery. Patients who suffer from hypertension, diabetes, and other similar conditions which may be fatal if they undergo a gastric bypass, can opt for this gastric balloon. 


One of the best things about using the Spatz3 adjustable gastric balloons designed by Spatz Medical is that, with this weight loss tool, you can be sure that the balloon will be adjusted to fit what you need to eat less without facing any discomfort. So, if the gastric balloon is your option, make sure you try out the adjustable gastric balloon and take a step towards your weight loss goal.