6 Funny Name Puns And Prank Names That Are Hilarious

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Have you ever thought about your name? How does it sound to you, is it memorable, and how do people react to it? If you thought your name was too ordinary and you should somehow stand out from the crowd, think twice! Sometimes names can sound too memorable – but not necessarily serious. Some prank names that some people have are the best proof of that.

There Are Funny Names Everywhere – But Most On The Internet

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In our mature age, what we most often remember from childhood – are our parents. The way they raised and nurtured us – or how strict they were. Most of us remember everything – from warmth and austerity to tenderness and generosity. However, what you may not have thought about so often is another gift you received from your parents in addition to raising and genetics – and that is your name.

Some people suffer from poorly chosen names throughout their lives – and some want to jump out of the “usual patterns” so much that they are sometimes willing to even change their name regularly and legally to be more recognizable. However, the most common cause is that we use original and unusual names when opening profiles on social media. We can say that the internet is an inexhaustible source of “original names”, some of which are very witty.

What Is The Purpose Of Online Prank Names?

Creating a name for your profile on social media is sometimes a test of creativity, and many of us have shown incredible skills. If you’re wondering why you should come up with a name that doesn’t belong to you in the real world, the answer is simple. You want to be striking, memorable, witty – or maybe through such names, you want to say something about your personality, your identity, or your attitudes.

One thing is for sure: When you are online, the better and funnier your name is – the faster, better, and easier people will remember you. In case you are in business or you are an influencer – things such as name or nickname can be very important for you as well.

Name Puns

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Some names are used when joking and this is very popular, especially among teenagers. However, even the elderly are not immune to some of these jokes either. We will mention some of the names that run common halls but are always equally funny.

1. Laurie

Laurie is a name that can be represented between both sexes but is sometimes a good platform for fun. You have probably heard that famous ridiculous question: What is the name of the guy who drives the truck? Of course, the answer is Laurie. We are quite sure that you have understood what the joke was.

A little game of words that can sometimes seem witty. However, there is a story about a lady who drove a truck and who didn’t really like this hall. We are not sure what the epilogue was – but we heard that no one was picking on her and making jokes with her name ever again.

2. Scott

Quite a common name that is often subject to various prank questions. Although simple and common – this name is almost ideal for making fun of. Questions like: Are you stingy? or Why don’t you wear a skirt? – can sometimes confuse people with this name. Of course, until they realize what kind of hall it is.

The allusion is made to the people of Scotland and their customs. Namely, the rule applies to Scots that they are very careful with money, so some people perceive them as stingy – and it is already known that the Kilt (Scottish skirt) is part of their traditional costume. So, if you are Scott – do not be confused by such questions and accept everything as a joke.

3. Olive

You will admit, that is also the ideal name for fun. Not only is the association to the cartoon hero sailor Popeye The Sailor Man and his skinny girlfriend Olive – but this name is fantastic for various pranks. Do you already know that trick question: What’s the name of the lady who plays in a big martini glass?

You say Dita Von Teese, and they tell you, “No, it’s Olive.” It is especially funny if a person of that name orders a pizza without olives. Then the entire crowd laughs – and it’s even better if Olive chooses clothes in that very same color. So Olive’s aren’t spared jokes at their expense either.

Prank Names

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Sometimes combinations of both names are even funnier. You can learn more about prank names and why are they commonly used, but you will discover that some people do have such names after all. We remember the famous Simpsons and Bart calling Mo’s bar looking for someone with a prank name on the phone. Although most of these names are used today as ridiculous nicknames on social networks, trust us, some people truly bear these names in real life.

1. Jack Pott

Is there anything to be said about this name at all? Very funny, original, and above all fun. Still, we don’t know if some Jack Pott gambles in real life, but we certainly want him to win “himself”.

2. Al Gator

If you’ve ever wished you had a dangerous name, then Al Gator is the one. That is a name that others will remember – especially if you are in a profession as a real estate agent because you can act authoritative and intimidating – but at the same time funny. One thing is for sure Al Gator is a person you will definitely remember.

3. Sissy Shark

Is there a Sissy Shark at all, or is this game of words in the name just so funny that it will remain unforgettable for anyone who meets a person of this name? Will you just use your first name without your last name when meeting other people? You have to admit – it is funny. However, never relax because Sissy Shark is still a shark.

The Bottom Line

Of course, most of these funny names are usually used online to gain new followers. However, the fact is that some people do bear these or similar names in real life. For some, unusual names brought success in their careers, while some still had to change them. However, whatever name you have, bear it with pride and accept humor in a healthy way.