“Providence of good health services and education forms prosperous society”


Any society can only prosper when two of the things are provided to the people. The first is an equal right to attain education and the second is good medical facilities for good health. Mukhtar A. Sheikh Trust (MASH) fully believes in the fact and hence the Trust is delivering the best in south Punjab. MASH has opened a school in the vicinity which is fully devoted to educating girls.

In this region of Punjab, the education for girls was a little neglected for multiple reasons. One of the reasons was that the people couldn’t afford to educate them. The Trust school has taken away this worry from the people and now the girls who never went to school before are going to the school and learning. 


MAST has established a state of the art hospital in south Punjab

The second thing necessary for a prosperous society is good health service. MAST has also assured that by establishing Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital MASH in the vicinity. The hospital is one of the largest healthcare units functioning in south Punjab. MASH has all the latest equipment installed complying with international standards.

The administration of the hospital assures that a competent team of doctors practice here. The doctors are accompanied by well-trained paramedical staff. MASH has many departments which facilitate the ailments of diverse niches and kinds.

A number of departments are functioning at MASH

MASH has the best gynecology department which certainly elevated the health of women in the region. It has state-of-the-art gastro, skin, lungs, pediatric, orthopedic, and psychiatric and neurology, and many other departments. The best doctors are providing their services in the facility. The neurology department of MASH is very popular among patients in south Punjab. As it has a large number of cured patients on its account. 

Dr. Aneela Darbar is the head of the neurology department in MASH. She is a well-known personality internationally.  

MASH is maintaining quality by having international doctors in its team

The other name of perfection is Dr. Aneela Darbar. She is the first doctor of Pakistan who is trained in neurosurgery in the United States. She is a diplomate of the American Board of neurosurgery. She also has been a former faculty member at Saint Louis University Missouri. A doctor of this caliber is now heading the neurosurgery department at MASH.

What else to expect from the department than quality. MASH has made a great difference in society by providing state-of-the-art medical facilities to the people. Now, the people don’t have to rush to other big cities to get their patients treated in a big hospital. All of their problems are addressed here in their native city. 

MASH is making a great difference in society by creating awareness among people 

MASH caters to a large population that resides in the suburbs of Multan. Serving this population is complicated in itself because they do not have much exposure. The people living here come from conservative backgrounds and are less educated. Hence, these people have trust issues and they don’t like to visit doctors in case of medical needs. The people practiced old school methods and those who suffered the most due to this practice are women.

People prefer midwives over doctors and totally overlook the fact that a well-learned and experienced doctor’s advice has more weightage than a midwife’s. The gynecology department at MASH has created awareness on the matter among people. Today, the situation is under control. The number of deaths of women and children while delivery has dropped down massively. This is a great achievement in very little time.   

MASH also has established a separate clinic for psychiatry

Apart from the state-of-the-art neurology and gynecology department. For the better mental health of the people, MASH took the initiative to open a separate clinic to serve the mentally disturbed. Which is called “Spring Clinic”. Just like Dr. Aneela Darbar, the clinic has well-learned psychiatrists practicing who are internationally known. At Spring Clinic a number of problems are addressed and treated. Formerly the locals didn’t understand the idea of visiting a psychiatrist and thought of it as an embarrassing thing to do.

The Spring Clinic created awareness among the people about it. Also made them realize that it is not a humiliating thing to do. Rather making them understand that taking care of mental health is as important as taking care of physical health. MAST is doing its best to form a prosperous society in south Punjab.