Guide About Classic Curtain Styles For Your Home

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Curtain designs form an important part of any interior decorating project. Curtains can change the look of any room from conventional to contemporary. First, you have decided on the curtain fabric, and the next step is to select the curtain style. This means that you have to decide on a heading style for curtains that fit with your idea of the home decor.

Let’s talk about the most popular styles for you to choose from so that you can make a well-informed choice when you buy or order your curtains in Dubai. If we suggest you curtain installation Dubai is a good option.

French pleats:
French pleats are that type of pinch pleating where three pleats are stitched together. They give the top of curtains a formal finish, adding a touch of elegance that goes fantastic with most room decor styles. Mostly, this style is a favorite for pleated curtain lovers.

Pencil pleats:
The pleats in this curtain heading style are long and thin as the name suggests, and tightly packed together. They give the curtain alteration in Dubai a formal and distinct look. This style is quite commonly seen in living rooms or another area of the house where the guests are welcome.

This design is simple in this list. In curtain’s top the rod is simply inserted where the pocket stitched. So, the curtain automatically gathers along the rod. These curtains can’t be drawn back, but can be held open using tieback or hang back.

Goblet pleats:
Goblet pleats are made in the shape of a wine glass or goblet. The pleats are usually shaped with an interlining which maintain their elegant look. This style does not look good, if the curtains are constantly drawn to the sides. Therefore, goblet pleats are a more ideal curtain style room that doesn’t require a lot of natural light such as a formal living room with high ceilings.

Duo pleats
The duo pleat, another type of pinch pleat, uses less fabric than a french pleat. While French pleats are more frequent, the duo pleat creates the look more modern and aesthetically. So, this is the most preferred style for many pleated curtain lovers.

To give any room a luxurious feel, you should select a smoked curtain. The top of the curtain stitches in a diamond shape into the fabric. The curtain can have as many rows of diamonds as you demand. This curtain style is time-consuming for tailors and also requires more fabric than all of the other styles. This makes it the most expensive option on the list.

Tab top
Tab top is also a complimentary style. In this,the small tabs of fabrics are stitch at the top of the curtain. The curtain rod is slid through tabs and makes it easy to slide the curtain. So, this is ideal for a room that requires natural light such as a kids’ bedroom or home library.

After this guide, you can select the style of the curtain as you desire. In our opinion, you should visit Curtain installation Dubai.