How To Clean Headphones


Using headphones on daily basis has become a very common habit of us, when you are going to the gym, working out, traveling a long way to the office or back home, listening to music is very common for us. But what if your headphones look nasty all the time? For sure they need a nice clean-up.

Ear wax and dirt got stuck in your headphones which then eventually turned up as sticky, dirty headphones. Did you ever imagine how many germs are stuck on your headphones for so long and you use them without noticing them. They are causing savior damage to your ears. Moreover, sticky headphones can pick more dirt from your surroundings.

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Why You Should Clean Your Headphones?

Your headphones need to be cleaned after every few days. They become dirty not because of sweetness, ear wax, or dirt, but they also seem bad if you are misusing them, leaving them on your desk for days, not using any beg or cover to protect them.

So cleaning your headphones is a prime tool to protect your ears from any sort of bacterial infection. Also, it increases the life span of your device, gives you a high-quality effect.

How Frequently Should you clean Your Headphones?

There is no such hard and fast rule to clean your headphones, simply just start-up cleaning them when they seem nasty and sticky. It may depend on how much you wear them, and in what atmosphere you are in. For example, if you are living in an environment where pollution and dust is a common problem then you need to clean them every other day, or if you leave your headphones on your bed or desk, then it might need to be clean as earlier as possible.

But if you are a clean freak person and want your headphones to be cleaned every single day then simply wipe them with a damped cloth and that’s pretty much it!

What you need And How It Works:

ReviewedEverything headphones need a special type of cleaning because they have smooth leather on them which needs to be protected while cleaning them. These headphones consist of caps cushions and bands cushions. To start cleaning your headphones, you just need to have few little things. As:

  1. A small soft cloth
  2. Rubbing alcohol or Hand sanitizer
  3. Cotton buds
  4. Warm Water
  5. Blu-tack
  6. Soap

Cleaning the Earpads:

  • After all that, now it’s time to start cleaning. First of all, remove the earpads and wipe the outer body with a cloth damped with soap and warm water. Then wipe with a dry cloth and let them dry out.
  • Now, clean the earpads using a damped cloth (dampened with rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer). Clean the nooks and crevices of earpads using cotton buds, damped with alcohol or hand sanitizer.
  • Lastly, clean the foam mesh by dabbing some alcohol or hand sanitizer on it and gently rub from both sides. Then leave them to air dry before reattaching or using them.

Note: Using alcohol can kill the bacterias present.

Cleaning the band:

  • Headphones bands are one of the main parts of headphones and they need to be cleaned every time. All you need to do is clean the band with a cloth damped with warm water and soap and gently wipe it.
  • Wipe them with a dry paper towel and rub a little amount of rubbing alcohol on them. This rubbing alcohol kills bacterias. Then lastly, leave it to air dry.

Note: Using excess alcohol may damage leather or fabric faster. So, use a little amount of rubbing alcohol or you can also use soap instead.

Make your Headphones Clean and Long-lasting:

  • Clean them regularly with a damped cloth.
  • Store them in a bag or in any protective case to protect them from dirt and further damage.
  • Don’t leave them in a too hot or too cold place. The temperature will also affect them.
  • When you clean them with a damped cloth, make sure to completely air-dry the headphones before plugging in or using them.
  • Use leather oil on headphones bands to increase the life span of bands and to keep them clean all the time.
  • Also, don’t hold them with your unclean hands.
  • Even if your headphones are water-resistant, don’t let them remain wet for a long time. When you are back from the gym or walking in rain, instantly clean them with a dry soft cloth and charge them when they are properly dried out.
  • When your headphones are wet, make sure to disconnect and power off your headphones and immediately dry them with a soft cloth before using them.
  • Another thing is, don’t remove the plug by holding the cable, just gently remove it by holding the plug. If you don’t do that your cable will get weaken over time.

How Important it is to Take Care of Your Headphones?

  • Taking care of your headphones is as important as your health, as money to you. Because if you took care of the cleanliness of your headphones you can get many benefits, like;
  • You can save your money. By taking good care will keep them long-lasting and you don’t need to buy new for you.
  • Cleaning them on daily basis can lead to more hygienic and dirt-free headphones. Which can prevent bacteria to damage your health.
  • Cleaning will also give you the same quality and comfort from start to end.


Our headphones get dirty from dust and ear wax no matter how much you took care of them, how much you save them in a protective case but at last you have to clean them. No matter how cheap or expensive headphones you have, just keep in mind that keep them clean. Clean headphones can last longer, gives you a better sound. A small effort will add years to your headphones.