Job Interview: List of Greatest Strengths and Weaknesses to Answer

List Of Strength & Weaknesses For Job Interviews

We all have been through the job hunt and interview phases in our life. Mostly, in all the job interviews, candidates are asked to describe their own self. For all the job seekers and employees, this question must be very familiar.

“What are your strengths and weaknesses?”

Sounds absolutely the same, isn’t that so?

Recruiting managers judge the applicant on the basis of the answer to this question.

This is a very common practice while taking the interview; the applicant has to present himself in his own words. He can either make his image or break it; this completely depends on the applicants.

This is indeed difficult- you can appreciate and criticize the other person very easily but when it comes to your own, you are bound with the words.

I personally believe, the strengths and weaknesses of an applicant must reflect the demands of that certain job. No matter the position, a candidate must be tailored enough with his strengths and weaknesses as per the requirements of the job role.

The resume creators and professional CV writers in UK have also emphasized on the idea, an applicant must explain in the interview about his strengths relating to the job. Also, he can share that how would he gain his commands on weaknesses.

Breaking down this question into two respective parts-strengths and weaknesses of an applicant.

Below I have compiled a list of strengths and weaknesses to answer for a job interview. Let’s have a look.


There are several strengths that you can include in your interview about yourself. Following are the examples.

Communication skills:

You can give a brief interview in a polite way presenting your tone and style of conversation.


An applicant can stay humble and show his respectfulness via his behaviour and can also include this as a soft skill in an interview.

Writing skills:

An all-rounder! You can let the hiring manager know about your writing skills which are always considered as strength.


Let the interviewer know that you are creative enough to find a solution to any problem right at the time.


Your honesty and sincerity is also the best strength to speak in the interview.

Leadership skills:

If you can lead a team or take a charge then this is strength would be a game-changer. Companies always love to have such employees who possess leadership skills.

Patience and focus:

Your patience and focus are your biggest power. Let the hiring manager know that you are focused enough on the objectives associated with the goal. Also, tell him about your constructive efforts to achieve success.


If you are empathetic enough towards others then include this strength in your interview. This will surely catch the attention of the recruiting manager.

Determination and dedication:

You can tell the recruiter about your determination and dedication level that you would work with devotion to your job position.

Continuous learning:

An active learner is always appreciated! Make sure to speak about your strength that you are a continuous and keen learner.


Different writing assistances and college essay services providers have emphasized the idea of not revealing too much about your weakness by penning; the idea of being too much vocal about the weaknesses might be inappropriate as well at some points. So make sure to speak less but right! Following things can be included in weaknesses.


The idea of finding negativity in your own work! You can speak about this as your weakness.

Lack of confidence:

If you are not able to speak confidently, you can share this with the recruiting manager. He will help you to come over this weakness.

Shyness in public:

If you are unable to talk in public and feel shy, your job role will help you to overcome this issue. Mention it in the interview.

Getting demotivated easily:

If you are the one who takes negative comment right on the heart at the moment at feel demotivated then share this with the hiring manager.

Lack of knowledge about a particular topic:

If you don’t have complete knowledge of specified topic or software relating to job position, share it out.

Extremely introverted:

The idea of not being friendly with the atmosphere, not appreciated!

Too much extroverted:

Do not become over-friendly and do not cross the limits of the professional environment.


Share with the recruiter if you have any insecurity related to the job or relating to the job atmosphere.

Zero presentation skills:

If you lack the presentation skills then you must consider it your weakness and should work for the lacking areas.


Your workplace asks you to be professional. There is no need to take every comment sensitively!


The aforementioned list is a detailed guide for the specific question about your strengths and weaknesses. Make sure to consider these points while practicing for the interview and you would be able to tackle such questions in a single go!