Who is Matthew Richard Blosil?

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Matthew Richard Blosil is a celebrity child and he is better known as the son of popular American singer and host Marie Osmond. Marie Osmond is a wonderful host in many American shows. Matthew Richard is seen with his mother in several media events. He got popularity because of his celebrity parents and his name is recognized with his mother Marie Osmond’s name. He has been in the spotlight due to his mother’s great fame and popularity. 

Matthew is a young boy and he studies at University. He is a serious type of guy and shows no interest in coming in front of the media. He likes to concentrate on his studies rather than any other activity. He is the son of a multi-talented mother so he has a huge number of followers on his social media accounts because of his mother. Even though he doesn’t come so much in the spotlight by himself, people still show their great interest to know every single detail about Matthew Richard Blosil’s life.

Matthew Richard Blosil Wiki

Full name Matthew Richard Blosil
Gender Male
Birth date 6th July 1999
Age 21 years old
Nationality American
Mother Marie Osmond
Father Brian Blosil
Siblings 7 Siblings
Grandparents Olive Osmond, George Osmond
Reason of Fame Son of Marie Osmond
Marital Status Single
Instagram massehew


The Meaning of Matthew’s Name

Matthew’s full name is Matthew Richard Blosil. His first name is “Matthew” which means “YAHWEH’s endowment” and it’s derived from the Hebrew name “Mattityahu”.

His middle name is “Richard” and its meaning is “Solid in the standard” and it’s derived from the old Germanic word “Ric” and his last name is “Blosil” and the meaning of Blosil is Admirer and Honesty.   

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Matthew’s education details are not available except that he is a University student. His mother Marie Osmond never shared so much about her son’s education and other interests. Matthew also doesn’t like to talk in front of the media, so we don’t get lots of information about his qualifications. 

Early Life

Matthew is a celebrity child and he got fame because of his mother Marie Osmond who is a popular singer, author, host, and actress as well. He was born on 6 July 1999 in the United States. Recently, he celebrated his 21st birthday with his family. 

Parents and Siblings

Matthew Richard Blosil is the son of celebrity parents and his mother is the main reason for his great fame. His mother’s name is Marie Osmond and his father’s name is Brian Blosil. Matthew’s mother’s profession has been discussed earlier. His father Brian Blosil is also an actor and he is quite famous for his work in popular TV and Drama series, Maybe This Time (1995) and Wildest Dreams (1987).

Matthew’s parents Marie Osmond and Brian Blosil married each other in 1986 and their marriage stayed for over 20 years and they both raised their seven children together. But unfortunately, they ended their marriage in 2007.

Matthew Richard Blosil has seven siblings in which two of his siblings are from his own parents and the other five are adopted. His grandparents’ names are George Osmond (grandfather) and Olive Osmond (grandmother). Matthew’s entire family has extremely strong bonding with one another, despite the fact that one is stage kin while the other few are embraced. All the siblings including Matthew are each other’s greatest allies. They constantly push each other for improvements and towards a better and best life. 

After the birth of Matthew Richard Blosil, his mother Marie experienced postpartum depression and she was a lot in that. She has been vocal about her postpartum anxiety and shared her feelings with other ladies to let them know that they don’t need to feel alone while they face their postpartum. Marie has written a book about the struggles and successes that she got during that phase of life. She also told ladies her numerous encounters in which she completely lost herself. The title of her book is ‘Behind the Smile: My Journey Out of Postpartum Depression.

Marie also shared her feelings about her kids. She mentioned that most of her kids are as her downturn adapting strategy. According to Marie, her kids were her greatest inspiration as well as her notable weapon at that time when she was at her weakest. Her kids gave her inspiration to carry on with life and to improve herself from inside without anything obscuring her imagination and joy. 

Matthew Richard Blosil Relationships

Matthew is busy doing his University studies and he is more involved in his education. There is no news regarding his girlfriend or any other personal relationship as he never shared about that on social media.

Matthew Richard Blosil Net Worth

As per internet resources, there is no information about Matthew’s net worth as he doesn’t do any job and he doesn’t have his personal source of earning. He is dependent on his parents yet and his parents earn well because of their celebrity careers.

His mother Marie Osmond’s estimated net worth is $20 million as being an artist. She is a member of the group “The Osmond”. Matthew’s father Brian Blosil has a net worth of $500,000 in his assets related to his previous career in entertainment.

Social Media Presence

On most social media platforms, Matthew’s presence is not dynamic as he doesn’t post a lot on Instagram and other social accounts. There were days when he Instagrammed a lot just like other Instagram lovers. 

Matthew Richard Blosil’s first social media post featured him pleased and beaming in Eagle Scout uniform. It returned in 2014, and we are sure that it is making him and his parents very happy and satisfied with his social administrations.

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