Muscle Building: Eating Right

For those seeking to gain muscles, their best-friend throughout this journey is going to be proteins. It is the most sought-after nutrient by bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. The best source of protein apart from lentils, of course, is meat. Whether you eat lean beef or opt for eating white meat, fish, your body gets macronutrients from both of them.

Macronutrients are immensely important for your muscle-building goals. They are the ultimate muscle-building multi-vitamins your body can use. Your diet plan should include meat if you are into bodybuilding or working out to increase your muscle size. Knowing the right food during your fitness journey shall help you out in the long run. One must determine meats can help in improving your physique beyond the macronutrients. Sure, working out and taking help from steroids or muscle mass boosters (testosterone) can be of great help and brings results.

However, learning about what you should put in your body is very important.

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Having said that, let’s take a look at the two best protein sources:

The Anabolic Benefits of Beef

Beef contains the same proteins humans are made of, unlike plant-based protein sources. These include skeletal muscle proteins such as actin, myosin, troponins, collagen, and other connective tissue proteins. Usually, animal meat is more than 80% protein (on a dry weight basis). If you assume leaner cuts, the protein content of beef competes for both fish and poultry at about 6-7g per oz. Of course, depending on the cut.

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If you want to gain maximum muscle impact but with not too many calories. See that you get loins or rounds, these are extra-lean meat cuts. Beef is a major source of micronutrients that means vitamin B12 along with iron, zinc, and minerals phosphorous. All of these nutrients are extremely important in the muscle-building process and athletic performance.

Beef is among one of the most concentrated food sources of creatine. Every 8 oz. of meat contains 1g of creatine. It happens to be a potent anaerobic backup energy reserve present in the muscle cells. Normally, it is applied in the initial few seconds of high-intensity muscle actions such as weight training sprints and reps. Moreover, creatine also assists in boosting the mitochondria content in growing the muscle cells. This provides the cells with additional cellular energy that the body can use in recovery and adaptation. Creatine helps in drawing and holding water into cells. This boosts the additional protein-building.

As far as supplements are concerned, you are available with a few options. You can use beef protein concentrates or isolates. And if you come across one, see that the protein is acquired from the meat tissue instead of collagen. You should go for real beef to get real results. Intact collagen is difficult to digest. As for hydrolyzed collagen, that is no good either.

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Fish is Important Too

Fish is extremely important for your muscle-building process. It also provides the body with body-leaning support. Fish contains lots of proteins and a variety of other nutrients as well. When we talk about fish and protein, you should know that the fish skeletal muscle is somewhat similar to the skeletal muscle of mammals. It offers the same amount of 6-7g of protein per ounce. However, it is typically leaner.

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The best part is not only about protein. It goes beyond that.165 grams can of tunas has more than 3g of leucine. Leucine is a branched-chain amino acid that is responsible for improving muscle protein synthesis. Moreover, tuna happens to be the best dietary source of the amino acid arginine. This gives support to the blood flow of the body by producing nitric oxide. The tuna can that is mentioned above, contains 2.5 g of arginine, along with iron, niacin, and Vitamin B12.

Fish provides your body with the same amount of creatine as beef. In the case of tuna, 1 g per 9 oz. Fish tends to be the single, and a great source of omega-3 fats DHA and EPA. There are some indirect sources of EPA from sources without meat, such as nuts and seeds. As far as DHA, however, you can get it via seafood only. All of these special fats are unique in their own way. Nonetheless, when it comes to muscle, there have been studies where researchers said that when people consumed fish oil supplements, having more than 3 grams of EPA and DHA for two months, the muscle protein synthetic was improved. Omega-3 fats help with exercise recovery too such as soreness or any kind of inflammation.

Last but not the least, fish oil and the omega-3 fats that it contains boosts testosterone formation.

Testosterone is important for boosting muscle mass. In case your body testosterone production levels are low, apart from nutrition, see that you do some extra effort to increase testosterone production in the body.