10 Destinations To Visit in Colombia After Quarantine


The covid-19 coronavirus pandemic has quarantined many sectors of the economy, and while that has meant cleaner air and a reduction in gas emissions that contribute to climate change, it will only be a momentary relief.

And if you are now tired of watching movies, and done with exploring all the libraries of Netflix, kissanime, Amazon prime, and other streaming channels. Then I think it’s time to think about some adventure travel. So when trips are reactivated, one of the best plans will be to opt for natural, sustainable, and community tourism, our best vaccine is to protect the environment, that is why we bring you 10 places in Colombia to travel after quarantine and reconnect with the life.



The Cerros de Mavecure is located in the department of Guainía, between the Orinoquía and the Colombian Amazon, one of the best-hidden paradises in Colombia that is made up of three huge grey stone mounds called tepuis, which are characteristic of the millennial Guiana Shield.


So, if you are looking for places to travel and enjoy your first vacation after the pandemic, the Cerros de Mavecure called Pajarito, Mono and Mavecure, are an excellent option to live a post-covid experience away from the tourist crowds. traditional.



La Guajira is a magical region marked by strong social contrasts, it is mostly inhabited by the indigenous Wayuu, and it is one of those post-covid19 destinations that see community tourism as a path of progress.

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In La Guajira you will undoubtedly fall in love with its landscapes that go from the desert to the sea, passing through dry forests, so after the quarantine, the indigenous culture of Uribia, the beaches of Cabo de la Vela, the salt flats of Manaure and Punta Gallinas will be a great plan for the new normal



Bahía Solano is one of those corners full of biodiversity. A safe destination where you can fall in love with the beaches of El Almejal, El Valle, and Huina, enjoy a walk along the Tundó River or spend the day discovering several waterfalls in the middle of the jungle.

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El Casanare is one of the most unexplored departments in all of Colombia, an incredible place of extensive savannas, morichal forests, great rivers, and cattle herds that show the authentic llanera culture in traditional practices.


So an excellent place to visit after the quarantine and the emergency caused by the coronavirus covid-19 is to go on a safari through the plains in search of wildlife and see first-hand, some of the environmental conservation initiatives that are developed in the Casanare.



Putumayo has been one of the places hardest hit by the conflict in Colombia, but despite the difficulties and the pandemic, this continues to be one of the must-see destinations when thinking about nature tourism, and places to visit after quarantine.


There you will find landscapes that give way to the extensive Amazon jungle, and very close to Mocoa you can visit: the Fin del Mundo and Hornoyaco waterfalls, the Mandiyaco Canyon, the Amazon Experimental Center, the Paway butterfly farm, and the reserve Where the sun hides.



Quindío and some tourist places in the coffee region have been one of the first destinations to allow hotels to reopen, so it will always be a good idea to visit this small town of charm and colors, a plan that requires you to stick with them all. biosecurity protocols and implement smart isolation.


So, when you visit Salento, remember that you can walk through its streets, visit the occasional coffee farm to learn about the planting and harvest of coffee, and spend a whole day walking through the Cocora Valley to the Casa de Los Colibríes.



Glamping-type accommodations are a trend that will prevail after the coronavirus pandemic, and Colombia is a wonderful destination for this type of experience that requires close and private contact with nature.



In Colombia, you can find beaches, islands, mountains, and of course desserts, and although the Tatacoa is a tropical dry forest of cacti that stretch in the shape of a candelabra and reddish and gray earth, it is also the habitat of hundreds of species that evolved to survive extreme aridity.


One of the best places to travel after quarantine is the Tatacoa desert because, in addition to being a space open enough to preserve social distancing, it is ideal to get away from the bustle of the city and enjoy a night landscape free of Light pollution.



Looking for a lonely island to enjoy your first post-quarantine vacation? Gorgona has everything you are looking for! Beaches full of natural magic surrounded by tropical rainforest and immense marine biodiversity that make it one of the best places to dive in Colombia.


Although Gorgona is usually on the minds of travelers during the humpback whale season, the truth is that this is an ideal destination for any season of the year, since you can always tour the old prison and explore its ecosystems in search of unique species.


  1. NUQUI

Nuquí is one of the most beautiful places in the entire department of Chocó, a small municipality surrounded by several townships where you can find plans for after quarantine, conducive to rest, cultural immersion, and connection with the nature of the Chocó biogeographic.


In Nuquí you can do everything, if you are looking for adventure, surf, and hot springs, you can walk from the beautiful beach of Guachalito, passing through streams that go down through the jungle of Terco, Terquito, and Piedra Piedra, to the town of Termales, you can navigate through rivers in Joví and Arusí, and taste the best food from Chocó in Coquí.