Who Is Nadine Caridi? Some Unknown Facts About Jordan Belfort’s Ex-Wife

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Lots of people got fame due to their talents and their good luck. There is a topic about a girl whose success not only started because of her own talents but because of her name with one of the most popular personalities in the world. Nadine Caridi, who was a model but her success story started when she married Jordan Belfort, a famous name became an inspiration behind a movie named “The Wolf of Wall Street”, and the role played by Leonardo DiCaprio. 

Jordan Belfort is actually a former stockbroker, an American author, and a convicted felon. The movie “The Wall of Street” revolves around the character of Jordan Belfort where Margot Robbie played the character of Naomi Lapaglia, who is the wife of a stock market manipulator. The story of this movie is actually based on real characters; Nadine Caridi is the ex-wife of Jordan Belfort; unfortunately, their marriage lasted 16 years. 

This article is absolutely about Nadine Caridi, but as we know, she is more known to the world because of his ex-husband’s name so it’s necessary to talk about him at the start, so you can better know how their relationship started and ended after a long time span.

Brief Introduction of Jordan Belfort

Jordan Belfort is one of the popular personalities of the world. He is a 58 years old man, who is a former stockbroker plus a motivational speaker. Belfort is also an American author. In 2007, he detailed his incredible stock market scams in the shape of a memoir named “The Wolf of Wall Street”. It became one of his outstanding achievements and soon this book turned into a movie directed by Martin Scorcese in which Leonardo DiCaprio played his character and the movie became a blockbuster and hit the box office score by earning $392 million; it also won five Academy Awards Nominations.

Bio, Career, Marriage with Jordan Belfort and other facts of Nadine Caridi

Let’s dig into details of Nadine Caridi, she is a famous personality who is famous for multiple things but the major reason for her fame is her name being called as the previous wife of Jordan Belfort. We will discuss all the information that we gathered about her but first, take a short look at her brief details. 


Name: Nadine Caridi

Age: 57

Gender: Female 

Marital Status: Married

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Reason of Fame: Popular as being the ex-wife of famous Stockbroker, Jordan Belfort, and a model

Nationality: British

Height: 5 feet 5 inches (178 cm)

Weight: 55 kg (121 lbs)

Husband (Ex & Present): Ex-husband was Jordan Belfort and present husband is John Macaluso

Net worth: Over $5 million

Nadine Caradi’s Past life & Education

Nadine Caridi is quite famous as the Duchess of Bay Ridge. This attractive lady was born in London and her date of birth is 6 November 1962 and she has two nationalities including British as well as American. 

We don’t have lots of data about Nadine’s parents because she never talked about them so much so you may not find enough information about her parents.

When she was just a kid, her parents moved to Brooklyn, New York US. Her whole childhood was spent there. She is a well-educated lady as there are lots of details about her education.

She went to a famous school in Brooklyn that’s name was John Dewey High School. Also, she completed her master’s in Clinical Psychology from the Pacifica Graduate Institute. After that in 2015, she finally got her Ph.D. As she completed her Ph.D. she started her career as a marriage counselor plus family therapist. Now, she is also famous as Dr. Nadine Macaluso. 

Modeling Career

People started noticing her when she first appeared in the commercial for “Miller Lite” Beer in which she was the poster girl. She won viewers’ hearts with her lovely poses. That commercial became her model and was known to lots of people in the fashion and modeling world. At the start and mid of her modeling career, she appeared in several fashion campaigns. In those days, Jordan Belfort was extremely famous as a drug dealer. Her love affair with that popular personality gave her extreme fame as she never got as far as being a model. After that, she married Belfort and left her modeling career. The couple struggled to save their marriage and their married life lasted for a few years, the duration of their marriage was from 1991 to 1998 and in the end, they divorced. Now, she is the wife of another famous person who appeared in the news. 

Jordan Belfort & Nadine Caridi’s Marriage

It’s obvious that everybody wants to know all the details of Caridi and Belfort’s marriage. How did they meet for the first time? How did their love story start? How they married to each other and how they divorced? etc. This topic is one of the most interesting topics ever. So, don’t need to wait so much. Here are the details from the start and end of their relationship including their friendship, affair, love story, marriage, and divorce. 

According to Page Six, it was known to many that Caridi’s ex-boyfriend Alan Wilzig introduced her to Belfort at Westhampton Beach House Party. Alan Wilzig is an entrepreneur and a semi-professional race car driver. In the tail-end of the 1980s, Nadine Caridi met Jordan Belfort, and at that time he was married for the first time and was famous as a finance fraudster.

Both of them started taking interest in each other so Caridi left her ex-boyfriend and started an affair with Jordan Belfort and he did the same as divorced his first wife named Denise Lombardo and married Caridi in 1991. 


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Before marrying Belfort, Caridi was very well known for his interests. Belfort was a drug dealer as well as a drug addict. He was extremely famous for his numerous habits such as clubbing, having parties with several girls, drugs, and alcohol, etc. Belfort didn’t stop Caridi from continuing her modeling career and she did that too but after a few years, she quit doing more as a model and vanished from the fashion and modeling industry. This couple married and had a normal married life because Jordan Belfort’s drug-taking and other unbearable habits started to ruin their marital relationship. They had two children named Chandler and Cater. After dealing with a critical marriage relationship they ended their marriage in 1998 and left each other.

Interesting Facts of Nadine Caridi & Jordan Belfort’s Love Story

At the start of their love story, interesting news came to the public that Jordan gifted her love of life Nadine Caridi, a luxurious yacht, and the name of that yacht was also set to her name as “Nadine”. Another news spread related to this in 1996 that Nadine yacht sank in the sea after that.

Such types of news brought controversies and people started to focus on the life of this couple. At that time, Jordan was also noticed as a suspicious business icon. A lot of rumors about this fraudster guy lead to investigations and he finally nabbed in 2003. Belfort got a prison sentence of more than four years but due to his corporation and good behavior, he was released from jail after 1 whole year and 10 months. 

After being released from jail Belfort’s life changed extremely and the reason behind that change was the confiscation and seizure of most of his assets and properties. He lost his temper and started taking more alcohol and drugs, moreover, he was getting involved in several other women and also started physically abusing Caridi. After dealing with a horrible married life, Caridi finally decided to leave Belfort so, in 2005, she got divorced from him.

Caridi’s Second Marriage

After taking a divorce from a druggist and a fraudster, Caridi started living a peaceful life. She found another guy in her life and started dating him. His name was John Macaluso, who is an ex-entrepreneur and former CEO of Wizard World and this guy still has sold 8.5 million shares in this company. Caridi married him and started a new married life with John Macaluso.


This time the couple has a huge age gap of 22 years and Macaluso has three daughters from his first wife whereas Nadine Caridi has 2 children so this lovely couple is spending a peaceful married life along with five of their children in which 2 of Nadine’s added. Nadine Caridi and John Macaluso don’t have any kids together but they live happily along with 5 children.

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Jordan Belfort’s Writings & the Memoir (The Wolf of Wall Street)

This part of the article is one of the most favorite parts that all the people want to read because it’s related to the famous Memoir of Jordan Belfort that is “The Wolf of Wall Street”; there are more awesome writings of his that you should know. So, let’s read about them.

First, start knowing about his most famous memoir named “The Wolf of Wall Street”. It’s about the story of Belfort’s own time, reflecting his most critical period of life when he felt himself all alone and left his life as a stockbroker. He was addicted to alcohol and drugs but that time he quit alcohol and checked himself into rehab as an addict and he succeeded. After that, he started a new life and during his prime, he adopted another remarkable habit of writing something valuable. So, he expressed his own life story as a memoir that was released and praised by millions of people. In 2007, “The Wolf of Wall Street” converted into a movie on 25th September; the movie was all about Jordan Belfort’s real story in which Leonardo DiCaprio played the character of Belfort and Margot Robbie starred as Caridi and this movie became a huge success and won several remarkable awards. “The Wolf of Wall Street” became one of the best movies of that time. 


Let’s talk about other writings of Belfort and the names of those memoirs are “Catching the Wolf of Wall Street” and “Way of the Wolf”. In 2009, another wonderful memoir “Catching the Wolf of Wall Street” was published and a huge number of people read it and praised it a lot. Two interesting things about his second memoir were that it was published in 32 countries and translated into 15 different languages. That time period entirely changed Belfort’s life as he became a writer as well as a motivational speaker. He talked about motivations, ethics, entrepreneurship, skills, and independence. Belfort expressed his thoughts publicly as he felt regret for his past alcoholic life and now he is satisfied with his new life. Most people like his speeches and there are many who still don’t like him and criticize him for his motivational speeches.

Nadine Caradi’s Present Life

It’s obvious that you must be very much interested to know what Caridi is doing in her life now. Caridi is known as Dr. Nae. Armed and she worked as a family and marriage therapist plus a relationship expert. She travels between California, Hermosa Beach, and Glen Cove, New York. 

Caridi runs her own YouTube channel which is Dr. Nae’s Talking Bar and it’s about mental health plus motivating people who overcome the hardships of their lives and experienced a painful life and she also talks about how adversity changes people and they achieve the unique potential of their lives.


We’ve reached the conclusion, you read incredible life experiences of Nadine Caradi’s life, how she married Jordan Belfort and became famous after that When she realized that this fraudster and druggist couldn’t give her a contented life she got divorced from him. She has two children from him and after that Caridi married her new husband who is a retiree but has a worth of around 15 million dollars. She doesn’t have kids with him but his new husband has three daughters from his ex-wife and Caridi and her husband John Macaluso are spending a happy life now. We pray that things will remain smooth and they will remain happy for the rest of their life. 

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