6 Reasons To Pack As Early As Possible When Moving

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Every move is an event to remember, for a number of reasons. Sometimes we move to a new house or apartment, increase our living space, and look forward to it. Sometimes we are forced to change rented apartments and we are reluctant to do so.

We also remember the course of the move itself and the various situations that accompanied it. In any case, moving and moving are very unpopular events, until they are over.

Once they pass, we relax and are satisfied with the effect, but the knowledge that we will have to embark on such adventures is at the peak of stressful events.

Depending on whether we are moving within our own strength, alone with the help of family and friends, or renting a professional service, we plan and organize the move, accordingly.

There are many details to think about and to plan carefully. It is a good idea to consult with experienced family members or friends who have already moved. Their advice can be valuable and of great help.

However, there is one crucial recommendation, which is absolutely advisable and cannot be wrong or useless, in any case. It implies the earliest possible start of packaging. If we are already sure that the move is certain, then it is best to start packing as soon as possible, and here’s why:

1. Enough time

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Every job requires time, and such complex actions require a lot of work and a lot of time. First of all, you need to get boxes, think about where what will be packed, what you will keep and what you will throw away or sell, how you will take it all and place it in a new living space…

Professionals do it quickly and efficiently, but you are an amateur and you work guided by common sense and experience. You can check how much time professionals need at hudsonmovers.com to get same vague idea how much time you will need. The work is huge.

All personal belongings, books, dishes, small items, white goods, furniture, carpets … everything that you have forgotten and exists should be adequately packed, protected and transported. If you start packing too late, chances are high that you will break the deadline and not be ready to start moving when agreed.

One should always count on sudden complications, events that disrupt plans, whether of technical or human origin. That is why it is advisable to start as soon as possible with everything that has to do with moving. This way you ensure a slower pace, a better job and definitely enough time for everyone.

2. Sales organization

yard sale
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When you plan and think about a new space, where you will live, you will face some obstacles and limiting circumstances. It is very likely that you will not be able or willing to take some things. Maybe you will replace them with new ones, maybe you won’t need them at all…

It is certain that every household has been storing everything for years and that the time will come to get rid of it. If you start packing earlier, you will first gain a clear insight into what you need and what you don’t. Then, you will have time to organize a yard sale or place an ad with the listed items for sale.

This is a useful and good way to get rid of unnecessary and earn extra money, which could come in handy when buying something new. If you are late with packing and moving, you will hardly have time for this action, which is a great pity and omission.

3. Cleaning time

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If time is on your side, thanks to thinking and planning ahead, you will be able to do another useful thing. It is about cleaning the apartment or house you are leaving. Some people don’t do this unless they are forced to, but it is culturally fair to leave a clean space for someone else to enter.

Washed windows and doors, vacuumed and washed floors, repaired faucets, plugs, maybe even painted walls … these are all things you would like to welcome in your new nest. Dirt, cobwebs, stains on the walls and leaking faucets ..surely they won’t speak well of you as tenants. So, another advantage of earlier packing is free time for tidying up the space you are leaving.

4. Proper packaging

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Enough time guarantees both more detailed and slower work on packing things. Every house has piles of fragile things of all kinds. Careful and safe storage of protected items in boxes will allow the transport of your items to pass without any unwanted events.

You would surely be sad and disappointed if you unpacked an inherited service or some expensive lamp and saw that it was broken and would no longer adorn your home. Not to mention pictures, books, and all kinds of appliances and techniques.

When you work without haste and nervousness, then you can better anticipate the dangers that may befall your things. This way you will react in time and the possibility of damage will be minimized.

5. Save money

save money
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Here is one important item, and it is about saving money, which is never to be ignored. If you start packing early, you will have enough time, you will save your strength, and you will not need to hire professional packers. Everyone knows best how to pack their things and knows what is important to me and how important it is.

You will be able to look carefully and think about what is important to you, what you will take and what you will not. Also, you will be able to calmly and calmly talk about it with family members and come to the best solution. All this will not be possible if your deadline is short and there is a lot of work.

6. Reduce stress

Reduce stress
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Although it is listed at the end, the fact is that this item is almost the most important. Every job will, in the end, be done. But our nerves, cardiovascular system and the whole organism suffer significant strokes of nervousness, jumps in pressure and adrenaline, and all other consequences of poor organization and work that does not run smoothly.

Happiness accompanies the ready and nothing costs us to start on time with work, no matter what it is about. This is especially important for such extensive and frustrating jobs, such as moving. Everything can be done easily, in harmony, with agreement and constructive conversation.


The benefits of starting a relocation organization and working on time are completely evident. There is absolutely nothing you can lose and there is no reason against timely organization and joining the business. All the facts are on the side of the earlier preparation and packaging.

It’s a way to pack properly, move out peacefully and save your nerves. In a better mood and with more energy, you will move into your new space and start furnishing it with joy and enjoyment. To enable yourself and your family to do all this, you only need one small decision, and that is the determination and the plan to start packing earlier.