Romantic Flower Bouquet Ideas To Send To Your Loved One


Flowers are a great way to show to your loved ones that you care about them and are thinking about them. You can send flowers to your loved ones on various occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations, valentine’s days or just simply on a random day to make them feel special and cared for. Different types of flowers can express and convey different types of emotions and hence are considered such a special and romantic gift.

If you are planning to surprise your partner with a romantic flower bouquet, you can choose to go with a CelebrationBox, it can come with great American candy in nz and a beautiful bouquet of your chosen blossom. This flower choice can depend on what your partner or loved one likes or what it signifies. Some of the most romantic flower bouquet ideas that you can send to your loved ones are as follows:

1. Heart-shaped bouquets

One of the best ways to light up the face of your loved one when they recieve your bouquet is to send them a heart-shaped bouquet. Not only do such bouquets consist of pretty blossoms, mostly roses of various shades, but they are also a depiction of love by being heart-shaped. Along with being thoughtful, they also look very pretty as decoration.

2. Old-school red roses

red roses

Although cliche, red roses can never fail to make a loved one feel special. A deep red coloured rose signifies a deep love and connection between you and your partner. It can be arranged in a variety of ways and is one of the perfect bouquets for occasions like wedding anniversaries. They are very personal and intimate and are a great way to spark romance between partners.

3. Flower bouquets with chocolates

The way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, and as much as people would like to deny it, they love chocolate! If sending a mere bouquet might seem too little or maybe too vulnerable or cheesy, you can always choose to pair it up with your loved one’s favourite chocolates. Sending high-end luxury chocolates along with flower bouquets is one of the best combinations for any occasion, especially when you are celebrating something.

Not only does this give your loved one something pleasant to smell and look at, it also gives them a memorable taste of chocolate to associate the special moment with.

4. Flower bouquets with a personalised note

with personalized notes

Receiving just flower bouquets can eventually become a bit impersonal for some people, especially when the flower bouquets are just delivered to your loved one’s place by a delivery person. If you do not send a personalised note along with the blossoms, the blossoms might just be blossoms and might not be considered as some emotional gift sent to them by you.

Hence to ensure that the blossoms that you are sending to your loved one are loved by them as much, it is a good tip to write them a note. This note can contain you wishing or greeting them on a special day or simply you appreciating their presence. Write out whatever your heart wishes to tell them and your words are sure to make an impact!

5. A bunch of colourful tulips

Instead of sending a bouquet of blossoms that are all coloured the same, you can choose to send bouquets of flowers like tulips which naturally come in a lot of different and bright colours that look very pretty when arranged into a bouquet. Sending you loved ones bouquets made of flowers that have bright and warm colours is sure to lift up their spirits and make them happy.

6. Daisies

How to Plant and Grow Shasta Daisies FB

Daisies are other such blossoms which are light and airy. They too come in a variety of shades of light colours and are usually associated with easy going relationships and innocence. They are a great bunch of blossoms to give to your friends or family to wish them well and lift up their spirits as well as express your love and gratitude towards them.

7. Orchids

Orchids are one of the high-end flowers on the spectrum. They are exotic and expensive. Many people with an expensive taste have a liking towards orchids. If you give your loved one a bouquet of gorgeous orchids, it can make them feel special and make them feel like you are willing to take the relationship between you both more seriously. Orchids are very formal flowers that you do not just buy for anyone and hence they are considered so special to receive.

8. Forget-me-nots

forget me nots

Forget-me-nots are some of the most significant blossoms that can be sent to a loved one. These blossoms, just as the name suggests, indicate serious feelings for the other person with a longing hope that the other person would not forget you even when they are away. Forget-me-nots can be sent to a loved one who lives far away or someone who is moving out of the city. They carry a nostalgic feeling and a feeling of true love. These tiny blue blossoms are sure to make your heart flutter.


Although it might seem cliche, flowers are some of the most beautiful and meaningful gifts that you can give to your loved one. You can also send a beautiful bouquet of blossoms to your loved one directly from a florist and hence this gift is also very conveniently delivered to your loved one. Different flowers can express different emotions like that of love, understanding friendship and nostalgia. These flowers can also be given on various occasions and hence make for a versatile gift option.

Besides, flower bouquets are also customisable and can be personalised according to your taste. To add to the beauty of a flower bouquet you can also choose to send some chocolate and a personalised note to your loved one along with the bouquet. This adds to the whole gift receiving experience and will make your loved one feel special for sure.