How Much Is A Good Settlement For A Motorcycle Accident


Unfortunately, in traffic, it is assumed that there will be accidents in which motorcycles are involved. Although the number of accidents involving a motorcycle is less than the number of accidents involving cars – accidents involving motorcyclists are usually those with much greater consequences. Therefore, it is important to know how much is a good settlement for a motorcycle accident.

Motorcyclists Are Often Participants In Traffic Accidents


Summer is the time when we have the chance to see many motorcyclists. For many people, this is a wonderful and memorable experience – but some think differently. Unfortunately, riding a motorcycle, in addition to the feeling of freedom and wind in the hair – carries with it certain risks. What is very important is that we need to be aware of these risks from the start, so that we can control ourselves when driving as we should. However, it often happens that many motorcyclists, as well as participants in the traffic, are careless. Sometimes it is caused by a lack of concentration, sometimes by a bad assessment – but sometimes also by arrogant driving. Speeding, overtaking vehicles, and similar things – are just some of the causes of traffic accidents involving motorcyclists. Therefore, in addition to the CAUTION advice, we want to point out some other things you should know.

What To Do When A Motorcycle Accident Happens?

Of course, each of us tries to avoid traffic accidents as much as possible, but the fact is that they inevitably happen. Injuries, trauma, and severe psychological conditions, as well as damage to vehicles, are what we have to face then. Therefore, it is important to know in what way it is best to react legally when such things happen. Settlement for a motorcycle accident is one of the options most often resorted to by participants in such accidents – but it is also supported by a legal system that gives us certain compensation options. If you’ve been wondering how much such a settlement could be worth – here are some things that will explain these things to you.

How Much Can You Get For A Settlement?

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After a motorcycle accident occurs, many people wonder how much they can get for settlement. Now, we can’t say this with complete precision because it all depends on the assessment itself. However, some research shows that the average settlement in a motorcycle accident is around 80,000 dollars. Although, many people do not get this amount – because insurance companies, in a large number of cases, have a limit on the amount for such accidents. So, you need a good motorcycle accident lawyer. According to, here is what you should pay attention to.

Types Of Damage Considered When Making A Settlement

  • Physical injuries

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When a motorcycle accident happens, the most important thing is that you are alive. While this sounds a little harsh, it’s even worse to look at the statistics. Namely, motorcycle accidents are traffic accidents with the highest number of fatalities. Therefore, if the motorcyclist is alive, the next most important thing is to determine physical injuries, if there are any. Kansas City motorcycle accident lawyers advise people to immediately include this in their allegations of an accident, but that is not all. Although they are most visible, physical injuries are not the only thing you will charge in a settlement – because they are not the only injuries you have suffered.

  • Mental suffering and pain

It is clear that such accidents also lead to mental consequences. Fear, anxiety, panic attacks, and stress – are faithful companions after such situations. Certainly, some people are even more sensitive, so it happens that they acquire additional mental impairments such as post-traumatic stress disorder and the like. You must undergo a psychological evaluation after such events, and if such disorders are present – include them in your settlement.

  • Loss of income

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Motorcycle accidents often cause serious injuries that cause the injured person to spend a lot of time in hospital. In addition to covering hospital expenses, which goes without saying – there is another factor that can determine the amount of your settlement, and that is the loss of income. How much money did you lose while you were in the hospital? With the injuries you have, will you be able to go back to your regular job or not? According to Kansas City motorcycle accident attorneys, this is a very serious issue that can greatly affect the amount of the settlement. Therefore, it must be included in this type of negotiation. Of course, most of the participants in such accidents are not very well acquainted with this factual situation – and it often happens that they completely overlook this. That is why you need a legal representative who knows that the court can accept this as compensation when you can prove it.

  • Damage to the motorcycle

As in the case of other traffic accidents, damage to the motorcycle itself must also be included in the negotiations and settlement. While this is the part of the deal that will probably bring you the least money – you still need to think about it. Namely, many bikers ride some truly expensive machines such as the Harley Davidson – where particular models reach prices over $30,000. We hope that as such a driver, you are also well insured because this type of damage is also disastrous for the budget. However, most motorcycle riders, especially those who ride expensive bikes, take this matter into account – so they charge damages.

Length Of Negotiating On The Settlement

That is completely individual and depends on all the factors we have pointed out – as well as the time frame required to collect all the necessary documents. Of course, you can expect the insurance company to try to establish whose fault it was, to reduce their costs – and it is not recommended that you conduct such proceedings without the presence of a lawyer. In clearer cases, you can expect a quick solution to the problem – while in more complex cases it can take time.