Signs of squirrel infestation and what you can do to solve it?

squirrel infestation

Squirrels are cute, there is no doubt about that. They are especially nice to look at when they are roaming around the outside part of your property where there are trees and grass. Sometimes when they are inside the house, it is fine they just come in and go out, but the problem comes when the squirrels are starting to nest inside the house and they have started to make the inside part of the house as their territory. This can bring in itself a heap of issues that you will have to face now.

The problems that can arise due to squirrel infestation.

Squirrels can do a lot of damages to you, and these damages can be quite bothersome. Another reason why squirrels can be unsafe for your family as well as the environment is because they are carriers of a lot of diseases and can easily contaminate the foods and the things that are inside the house. Squirrels’ feces are a big part of the issue that can easily make your environment and the house unable to live in.

Another reason why squirrels can be bad for you is because throughout the night you will be hearing squirrels running up and down the house, inside the walls, on the roof and underground. They will be constantly picking on things, breaking things, and trying to look for food as they have now nested inside the house and are trying to find food for their babies.

Another problem that needs to be addressed is that fact that squirrels love to bite and chew, it is their way of sharpening their teeth, they can do this all the time. They love to bite and chew wood and the other areas of the house, that can cause problems. Squirrels have been seen breaking the roof because of their constant chewing, many people have been injured who were sitting or living on the top floor of the house.

Squirrels even bite and chew on wires that can cause electrical problems and may even increase the chances of the house breaking down and burning as this has happened before. Squirrels even bite gas pipes and water pipes which can give you flooding and again, can burn the house down. Therefore, this is just not a safe bet to let squirrels live inside the house, especially when they have nested. This needs to be rectified before something happens that can make you regret not taking this decision sooner. This is just a huge problem that can be rectified with the help of Squirrel removal toronto.

Signs that can let you know that your house has been infested.

If you are worrying that your house has been infested by squirrels, and just aren’t sure you have them, then look for the following signs:

  • You will be hearing strange noises throughout the house at random hours.
  • There will be feces around the hose, it will be 8mm to 10mm long and it will be brown as well.
  • You will see that entry points of the house are a bit chewed up.
  • Your insulation, ducts, fascia and soffits, as well as your roofs will be a bit damaged.
  • You will see nests around the house.
  • There will be unwanted odor spread throughout the house.
  • There won’t be just a few squirrels around your property, there will be a group of squirrels coming in and out of the house, it will be like a little colony.

These are the surefire signs that can let you know that you’re in need of Pest control toronto services. So, do not wait any further, or you will be getting the dangerous situations that were mentioned above because of squirrels, better to rectify this as soon as possible before more problems come sp.