Site Structure & Internal Linking in SEO: Why It’s Important?

Site Structure & Internal Linking

The search engine optimization industry is always paying a lot of attention to site structure and internal linking. Because both of these topics are very important for SEO services. If you are also ready to hire someone to rank your website, they must know about these two things.

Maybe your SEO agency will work perfectly on both of these aspects. But if you know more about these aspects, then it will be easy for you to monitor the whole process. You can easily monitor the SEO services of your in-house team or outsource an SEO company. So are you ready to get more useful information about site structure and internal linking? Then let’s go ahead in this post. 

What Is Site Structure?

Yes, it is what its name states, it is a structure used to organize a website. Organizing your content using various tags or organizing your web pages according to the topics. The process of organizing everything on your site comes under the site structure. You can easily get SEO services from digital marketing agencies to get your site in structure.

Why It is Important In SEO?

But why should you get your site in structure and will it help you rank higher? How important it is to use a proper site structure in SEO? All these questions will be answered here before you go and find some SEO services.

User Perspective

The first perspective is a user or visitor perspective. What benefits your site visitors will get with the site structure? Well, we are talking about the user’s perspective because if you provide them value, they will come again. So let’s have a look. 

Easily Accessible Data

Your users will find your website easier to access new data. If you have used the best SEO services to put your site in structure then it will become easy to access. 


It provides a transparent overview of all the data or information you have on your website in the form of content. So more transparency will engage your users more with your content. 

Better Experience

When users get easy access to more and useful content with transparency, they feel better and they spend more time on your website. And it directly enhances the user experience. And you know how important user experience is in SEO services. 

Crawlers Perspective

Now let’s have a look at crawlers’ perspective. 

Easy To Index

Search engine crawlers will find your website easy to crawl and index if it is well structured. 

Higher Ranking

More convenient crawling and user experience will rank your website higher on SERPs. 

Organic Traffic

High rank on SERPs will get more clicks and more clicks will give you more organic traffic.

What Is Internal Linking?

Internal linking is establishing a connection between two web pages having different content but the same topic. 

Importance In SEO

Internal link and external link building is important in SEO due to the following reasons: 

Reader Perspective

Let’s check out its benefits from a reader’s perspective. 

Satisfy Intent

Internal links will guide your user to go to web pages related to the same topic. It satisfies the search intent. 

More Stay Time

As your visitors are guided to other related pages, you will find that they are spending more time on your website which is important in SEO services. 

Search Engine Perspective

Search engine perspective is also important in internal linking. Following are some reasons why internal links are good for search engine crawlers. 

Easy To Find Pages

Google or any other web search engine crawlers will find it easy to crawl your site’s web pages. They will easily find web pages related to a particular topic.

Index & Rank Quickly

As your web pages are easy to find for crawlers, it will be easier for them to rank your pages quickly. There will be less time taken to do this.

Whether it is site structure or internal linking. Both of these things are important in SEO. No matter if you are providing SEO services or you are looking for SEO agencies. You must know how internal linking and external links such as guest posts will grow your SEO ranking organically. If you want to grow traffic on your website organically, you need to work on these two points.