Suzuki Swift Maintenance Tips


It is vital to maintain your vehicle, whether you own or want to buy a new or used Suzuki Swift. Vehicle maintenance is essential to prevent breakdowns, and even though engines in modern cars are more sophisticated, they still need routine maintenance and inspection.

Even though Suzuki Swifts are among the most reliable cars, some typical issues still exist and need to be mentioned so you can know what to expect and what to pay attention to. Oil changes, brake inspections, tire pressure checks, and fluid level checks are essential for keeping your vehicle in great shape and need to be performed frequently to avoid breakdowns.

Electrical Windows Rattling

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The electric window may be the source of a rattling noise. If you hear this noise and see that the window is slipping slightly in its frame, the culprit is a tiny little bolt that may have become loose.

Although the bolt needs tightening, doing it yourself will be tricky. You may need a bit of technical expertise to repair it since it is a complex problem. Sometimes it is necessary to disassemble the whole door, and it can be pretty challenging for anyone without experience to assemble it after tightening the bolt.

Engine Oil Leaks

Crankshaft seals are the most predominant source of oil leaks on the Suzuki Swift. This rubber gasket prevents engine oil from seeping around the crankshaft. If the seal is worn, broken, or improperly installed, it will cause an oil spill in this location.

Symptoms include oil on the ground where the vehicle is parked, which is impossible not to notice. You may also see the oil level falling on the dipstick, but this is less likely.

Simply replacing the worn seal is required to correct the issue. Unfortunately, this is not a DIY fix; extensive disassembly is necessary to reach this piece. A trained mechanic or specialist would need to replace the part, but there is no need to worry as it does not require a lot of time.

Dashboard Noise and Rattling

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Dashboard rattling is a complaint often voiced by Suzuki Swift owners. Although this is not a huge worry, the constant rattling will grow bothersome and may mask the noises of more important problems. It isn’t easy to fix, requiring a complete dashboard refit and clip replacement, but neglecting it can cause even more severe problems, so it is always better to react in time.

Clutch Slipping

This Suzuki has a well-known problem with clutch slipping, and it is often an indicator of underlying issues inside the clutch assembly, which may manifest in cold temperatures.

If your car doesn’t accelerate smoothly but instead slows down and then speeds up, this is a clear sign that the clutch isn’t working. The clutch needs to be replaced if the problem is severe, particularly while shifting down.

Transmission Issues

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The transmission is another thing to worry about with the Swift. Pay close attention to how the gears feel as you move from one to the next. Find any stiffness in the mechanism?

If it feels tight and hard to handle, you may need to buy a new transmission in the future, which could cost several hundred dollars. Although an expensive breakage to fix, it is something that needs to be done, or it can cause even more severe ones or, even worse, cause an accident.

Check The Handbrake

When parking your Swift on an incline, make sure the parking brake keeps the car from moving. There is a known problem with how the brakes are set up, leading to an issue with the parking brakes.

Luckily, this may not be a big deal since an auto mechanic can recalibrate the system. A faulty parking brake cannot prevent our car from moving, especially the downhill, which can cause serious problems, and because of that, it is necessary to fix it as soon as possible.

Check The Fluids Often

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You should check the coolant, water reservoir, oil, brake fluid, power steering, automatic transmission fluids (if applicable), and windshield washer periodically. Except for the washer fluids, considerable weekly losses might suggest a leak. Each of the fluids is important for the proper functioning of every vehicle, and their deficit can cause severe problems. Not having enough windshield washers is not that serious, but we can find ourselves in a situation where we cannot see well because of the dirty windshield and cause an accident. On the other side, not having enough oil or brake fluids can cause big problems in vehicle functioning and have severe consequences.

Stick To Your Service Schedule

Always follow the maintenance service interval for your Suzuki swift and never skip the regular service. Check your owner’s manual to determine what year, make, and model your Swift is and when and how often it should be serviced. It is vital to the health of your vehicle because skipping the regular service will certainly cause some problems in functioning after some time.

Among the primary maintenance services are oil and filter changes. Occasionally, it may also entail cleaning the A/C filter, replenishing the freon, and replacing other fluids and filters. Also, You should replace spark plugs annually. The best way to make sure that everything is done properly is to go to regular service and never skip it.

Do Not Disregard the Timing Belt or Chain

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This may be the most crucial thing in your service handbook, so you should never ignore it. If the timing belt or chain breaks, the engine will stop running, and you’ll have to do an overhaul. The recommended time between replacements is 60,000 and 70,000 km, depending on the car, and it is necessary to check it in the service book or with a mechanic to avoid being left on the road.

The Bottom Line

The Suzuki Swift is a popular compact hatchback that seldom creates problems for its owners or hassles with its mechanics. It is functional, attractive, and affordably priced. Regular maintenance will maximize your vehicle’s overall performance and fuel economy. That makes it one of the best choices for every driver, no matter if an experienced or a new one, but if you are still unsure about your choice and want to learn more, visit