How Long Does It Take Pest Control to Get Rid of Roaches?


Roaches are said to be some of the biggest pests in the world, and no one can tell for sure how many of them are on earth. It is estimated that there are more than 100 thousand of them in every big city, and that would bring the number to the billions if we try to guess how many cockroaches are there. One thing that we know is that there are more than 4500 different species, and the good news in this is that no more than 30 of those species are considered to be pests and to be around humans. Chances are, you’ve had to deal with these pests at least once in your life, and if you are in the nightmare of having roaches in your home right now, then you are probably wondering how long does it take for pest control to get rid of roaches. Keep on reading to find out the answer.

Why do we need to get rid of them?

the german cockroach blattella germanica

When we think of some pests and insects, we think that we may not need to get rid of them, and maybe they will not do so much damage to our homes. Most pests that we know do damage to our properties, and they are relatively harmless to people. However, that is not the case with roaches.

The first thing you need to know is that they multiply extremely fast, and if you spot even just one in your home and let it live in peace, chances are, soon you are going to face a colony of them.

According to medical experts, you should get rid of them not just because of their looks and how scary it is to face them, but also because they can carry extremely harmful diseases that are going to threaten your health, your family’s wellbeing, and even the lives of your pets.

Some of the diseases that can be transmitted through cockroaches include cholera, dysentery, and even leprosy. In the best-case scenario, which is not good at all, they are just going to spread harmful bacteria that can cause you to get a fever and be bedbound for days.

If you think that there is no way for them to carry these diseases in your home because you keep everything neat and tidy, keep in mind that these pests can easily climb any surface, including walls, and they can get into your bed at night, while you are sleeping, they can get on the counter where you prepare your food, and they can even walk over the fruits that are on the table in your living room. So, no matter how clean you keep the space, they can get in places that you never thought they could.

If you see even one of these pests in your home, the only thing you need to do is call professional service and get them in your house as soon as possible. The more you wait, the bigger the chances are that they are going to multiply, and not too long from now, you are going to be seeing the roaches everywhere you look.

How long would it take?


Now that you know that you have to get rid of the roaches as soon as possible, the next thing you need to do is find a good exterminator.

Keep in mind that you are going to need to find a professional that can get rid of the pests without causing damage to your property, or adding things that will be harmful to your family or your pets.

Use websites such as to find out what you should be looking for in a service that is going to help you get rid of the problem with cockroaches while keeping everyone else in the house safe.

It is said that it is far better to do preventative treatments than to wait to notice a roach in your home, so if you choose to do this, you should know that the professionals will not take more than half an hour to treat your home in order to prevent any pests from coming or nesting there.

However, if there is already an infestation happening in your home, the time needed to get rid of them will vary. You will need to talk to the exterminator to give you a precise estimation that you can use to learn how long you will need to stay away from your home, or when you should expect to stop seeing them crawling everywhere.

It is said that depending on the type of roaches that you have in your home, along with their size, the size of your home, and the areas that may be infected, you should expect to get fully rid of the cockroaches within one to three days.

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches

In most cases, only one treatment will be needed, however, the professionals will tell you what method they are going to use to get rid of them. There are different types of procedures that can be used, depending on your space along with the number of pests. Some methods are better for houses and larger areas that are severely infested, while others are better for smaller spaces where only a few cockroaches have been spotted.

You should know that the price will vary depending on the method as well, so you may need to pay more if you live in a big house and if there are pests everywhere.

The process should not last more than a few hours, and the professionals will let you know when is it safe to come back home and what you should expect after arrival. It is said that it is best if you can find a place to stay for at least a day or two, so that you don’t have to breathe in any fumes or that you don’t deal with roaches that may be running around to save themselves.

Choosing the right service is crucial, and know that in most cases, you cannot get rid of infestations on your own. If you see a roach in your home, make sure you kill it right away and don’t forget to call the exterminators. It is better to deal with this problem as soon as you notice it than to risk your health in the long run. It should not take more than a few days for all the roaches to either die or leave your home, and once you come back to a pest-free house you will know that you made the right decision.