6 Things to Consider Before Buying a Goldendoodle

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Man and dog have always been a symbol of unbreakable and eternal friendship. Nowadays, more and more people with pets of all kinds, as if the focus of social life has shifted from humans to animals.

Hasty and strenuous, often relentlessly demanding, the way of life of the modern age does not leave much time or energy. With such daily routines, which demand more and more and never stop, alienation is more and more intense and massive.

It is not surprising that people are no longer limited to just one four-legged friend, a bird or a fish, but that they often have several. Of course, at the top of the list of favorite animals are dogs and cats. Someone owns both and everyone lives harmoniously and harmoniously.

After a hard day, even before you unlock the front door, your dog will feel you coming and will be immensely happy. They will run, jump, cuddle, bark and jump for joy. Walking together is also a special experience. Playing, in all seasons, brisk walking or even jogging or cycling with the dog, will result in your better health and general fitness.

So, at first glance, it seems that there is no reason not to rush to the pet shop right now and buy a dog. The eternal dilemma is which race to choose. There are so many of them, how to decide on the right one?! In recent decades, some breeds have been crossed and hybrids have been created, which did not exist before. Such is the case with Goldendoodle.

Goldendoodle and its features:

Goldendoodle dog
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Goldendoodle is the result of a cross between the Golden Retriever and the Poodle. It is considered to belong to the so-called type of designer dog, obtained more for aesthetics than for some working characteristics. They were created in the 90’s of the last century and there are three sizes.

They are not dogs that can have pedigrees and that the official Kennel Club has recognized as a breed. It is interesting that the first Goldendoodle was won by Charles Dickens’ granddaughter, Monica.

That happened in 1969. Both Golden Retrievers and Poodles are very intelligent, friendly and a favorite of dog lovers, especially families. It was stated that Goldendoodle has even better characteristics than its parents, that it is healthier and improved in character.

What to consider before purchasing Goldendoodle:

1. Suitable for a family dog

family dog
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As a result of crossing two lively, dynamic and active dogs, with good and mild nature, Goldendoodle is ideal for a family dog. Where there are children, he will immediately find his place. When you bring a golden brown puffy rock, awkward movements, but ready to play, your children will be delighted.

As they grow older, they will become inseparable. Both children and parents will love him. A kind, reliable friend in the game, of a stable character, without the danger of aggressive behavior, will be a faithful friend to the whole family and the mascot of the family home.

2. Activity

Goldendoodle dog sit

This trait is good for some, but not for others. If you are dynamic, you like to walk, go out, play ball, run, have your own yard and have a friend for you. Otherwise, if you are a fan of the book armchair, looking out the window and changing channels, then avoid this dog.

You will not agree and you will only irritate each other. You will find yourself in a conflict of character and interests, which you can understand, but the dog does not.

3. Mess in the house

This item is directly related to the previous one. Naughty and playful Goldendoodle, there is rarely peace, both outside and at home. It jumps, runs, rolls over, climbs on armchairs, simply, his temperament does not allow lying down and sitting. Only when it falls asleep can you expect some peace.

So, if you decide for it, know that your house can not be in perfect condition, tidy and everything will be in place. There will be his toys (check this to find out which toys to buy for Goldendoodle) everywhere, pillows from the sofa spread out on the floor, removing the cover from the bed, even nibbling on furniture may be topical.

If this annoys you and you are not ready to endure this way of life, get another pet.

4. Shedding

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This breed has different hair types. It can be retriever-like, wavy and long, it can be short, thick and curly, like a poodle, and it can be straight, like some retrievers. It is interesting to note that the experiences of the owners show that this breed is less lazy than others. Some even call it ‘hypoallergenic’.

Although this has not been proven and officially acknowledged. But it is a fact that they belong to races that shed less and less often, compared to some others. This is, of course, a very good feature and will delight each of the future owners.

5. Sensitivity

As with other dogs, it is impossible to predict each individual’s behavior. Depending on your parents, upbringing, living conditions and the environment in which you grow up and live, your dog will also be formed.

The facts are that the common traits are loyalty, tenderness, affection, cheerfulness, a clear show of love for the owner… He is intelligent and has the potential to, in addition to training, show a high degree of discipline. It is possible to train him in agility exercises and even compete successfully with him.

He is attentive and patient with children, loves games and walks. Occasionally he likes to dig in the yard, and his hunting instinct is often very pronounced.

6. Health

Goldendoodle with vet doctor
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Goldendoodle has been shown to exhibit better health characteristics than its parents’ race. It simply seems that a higher level of health has been created. Also, some weaknesses, which characterize the Golden Retriever and Poodle, have been overcome and are not inherited.

Like other mixed breeds, it is vital and resistant, there is less chance of hip dysplasia and other deformities that accompany pure breeds. It is possible to develop diseases, such as ear infections, skin allergies, and retinal atrophy… there is no guarantee, but the chances of such a thing are reduced.

With regular care, proper nutrition, going to the vet, and vaccinations … your Goldendoodle will be in good shape, healthy and long-lived.


Goldendoodle has excellent qualities of all kinds and is absolutely recommended, precisely because it is a crossbreed and because it combines the best qualities of parents. This makes it tougher and healthier, it is of excellent character and grateful for care and maintenance.

Like any type of pet, it has both good and less good sides, it all depends on what type of person the potential owner belongs to. One thing is for sure, if you have a similar temperament, you and your family will get a faithful guardian, a friend for play and adventure, and someone whose boundless friendship is impossible, ever, to doubt.