Tips to Protect Carpets Before Moving

carpets Dubai
carpets Dubai

There are different ways which can be followed in order to protect your carpets in Dubai. This can be a bit difficult since these carpets are of high quality and quite expensive. Therefore, they should be protected right from the beginning in order to save money and further damage them. The first tip that can be followed in order to protect them would be to move them as soon as possible in order to prevent any kind of accident. If you have your carpets in Dubai, it is highly recommended to call a moving company as early as possible for the same. Moving companies have the right equipment and know how to move your precious carpets Dubai smoothly.

  • Once you have taken all the precautions, it is time to start the moving process. First of all, it is important to mark the border of the room which includes the carpets. Marking the entire floor is a bit tedious and may take some time but it will make use of the wall connectors that are available in Dubai. It is highly recommended to contact a professional company for this activity or else, you may end up wasting time and money.
  • Once you have marked the border, it is now time to contact a professional moving company. They will ask you to fill a form with details like the size of the rooms which need to be moved along with its measurements. They will provide you with some professional floor protection UAE experts in Dubai who will use special moving day tools to move your carpets Dubai smoothly. These professionals come equipped with all the latest moving day tools and machinery so that the moving process goes on smoothly.
  • Another way which can be followed in order to protect your carpets is to remove the old rugs and replace them with new ones. This can be done easily as there are many moving companies which offer this service Dubai. The new ones will be mopped and cleaned and they will be fit to move. Moving companies which offer this service in Dubai charge extra for the removal of the old rugs as they need to cover the space where the new carpets will be situated. Moving companies can be located online and you can contact them to place your request.
  • Moving a carpet is a time consuming task and you must make use of proper moving day equipment if you want to complete the task quickly. If you are moving your carpets in an area which receives heavy rainfall, you should place protective sheets on top of the carpets and then remove them once the job is done. Experts recommend covering carpets which receive heavy traffic. They will also advise you to make use of plywood sheets and other protective materials to ensure that your home is safe during the moving day.
  • There are different types of moving equipment used by professionals who work in Dubai. One such important moving device is a truck which is fitted with high quality carpet underlayment. This will help you to avoid the damage caused to your flooring by water seeping underneath the carpets. When you are planning to move your carpets, you must remember to remove the top layer of flooring and make use of the proper underlayment which will prevent the formation of cracks and moisture on your newly purchased flooring.
  • During the moving day, it is advisable to remove all your furniture such as chairs, tables and futons. You should not even think about keeping any belongings on the furniture sliders which are placed against the flooring. Instead, you should invest in moving boxes which are made from strong plastic which will not get damaged by the movement of the truck. The moving boxes should be large enough to store everything which you need to move. Most importantly, it is important to make use of flooring plugs which are placed at the bottom of the stairs to prevent water seeping under the flooring when people step on the luggage. Experts recommend using a small amount of household detergent mixed in water to clean the entire flooring thoroughly before the movers start the work.
  • One of the best tips to protect carpet Dubai is to use mats which have holes in the middle. These mats will prevent the carpet from being crushed by the truck as it moves across the room. Apart from that, the mats will also reduce the noise which emanates from the truck. Moving the carpet is an exhausting job. It is advisable to ask help from professional mover companies who will provide you with the best tips to protect carpets and arrange them neatly during the moving process.