Try CBD To Ease Your Nerves Before A Workspace Presentation


A workspace presentation or public speaking could freak out many people. The adrenaline rush reaches its peak. If you think it only happens with you, you are wrong. Many people, including experienced presenters or speakers, might go through the same situations. 

Nowadays, people are shifting to CBD for relief from the anxiety of workspace presentation. Several brands, such as CBDistillery, offer CBD products. If you also suffer from chilled nerves pre or during a presentation at the office or college, cannabidiol could be your go-to friend. Here is all you should know about anxiety and CBD.

CBD for Calmness

Naomi Osaka, a tennis player, refused to face the press conference in May 2024. Although the world supported Osaka’s decision, she was fined $150,000 by organizers. The incident addressed the needs of people who suffer from anxiety during public speaking.

No matter how hard you try, you cannot skip workplace presentations. So, it is better to look for solutions to deal with anxiety during such events. One way could be CBD. Here are some ways CBD could calm you before a presentation.


In a trial in 2011, researchers compared CBD for people with social anxiety disorder and healthy patients. They went through SPST (simulated public speaking test).

The drug gave comparatively better results than a placebo. A similar result came in a 2019 test. This test also gave an insight into the effect of dosage on its effectiveness. Both the tests show that cannabidiol was effective in reducing anxiety. So, it might also reduce your stress before the presentation.


Sometimes, people fear speaking in front because of past trauma. A study in 11 patients organized in 2019 revealed that this drug reduced the symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) when combined with regular psychiatric care.

If you also suffer from any such situation, you might combine your regular therapy with CBD for an additional benefit. However, it is better to take professional advice before it. Its effects on anxiety are one of the most researched benefits of CBD. Still, we need more clinical research. 

Ways to Consume your favorite drug Before the presentation

Let us be practical! You cannot vape it in your workplace. So what are the other alternatives to consuming cannabidiol in a public area? Here are some of them.

  • Edibles

One of the perfect ways to consume CBD around people is edibles. If your state allows edibles, you can carry them at your workplace and ingest them anywhere. 

There are two types of edibles you can carry with you. First are the ones you prepare at homes, such as salads, CBD brownies, or sandwiches. During the meal breaks, you can consume them and get control of your anxiety. Another one is readymade edibles, such as gummies or Candies. You can take it before the presentation to get a calming effect.

Since edibles show effects in comparatively more time, try to take them half an hour to one hour before you want to experience the effects. However, it allows you to enjoy the benefits of CBD conveniently and without people knowing about it. 

  • Oil

If you want an instant effect, go for oil. They come in a bottle with a dropper. You can use it to swallow a few drops of it. The CBD from the oil readily mixes with the bloodstream to give the expected effects of the drug. However, if you are not comfortable with people knowing about your cannabidiol consumption, swallowing oil could be challenging. 

  • Capsules

If you want a consumption way that is convenient and portable, go for capsules. These capsules offer a precise amount of CBD. You can swallow a pill before your presentation to stay calm throughout the event. 

So, these are some ways to consume it during or before a workplace presentation. You can purchase them from sites, such as CBDistillery.

Dosage for Calmness

Although there is no officially announced dosage of CBD for calmness, some trials give an insight into recommended dosage. They are:

  • In a test on people with SAD or social anxiety disorder, 600 milligrams worked.
  • In a test, 300 milligrams of CBD worked on male patients.
  • Some trials show that 25 to 75 milligrams are good to deal with sleeping disorders and anxiety.
  • A trial shows 33 to 49 milligram CBD works in a day for people with PTSD. 


You can observe that the results of different trials contradict. Thus, experts recommend finding your equilibrium point. Begin with a lower dosage. Observe the effects and gradually increase your dosage. Soon you will find the dose that could give you relief and calmness before public speaking or workplace presentation. 


Other Things to Pair with CBD

While it might save your presentation day with its anxiolytic effects, you can combine it with other practices for maximum output. They are:


  • Preparation

CBD is not an alternative to practice or preparation. It could keep you calm. But if you are not well prepared for the presentation, you will fail. So, make sure you practice your presentation several times before the main event. 

You can ask your family members or friends to hear you out. If no one is there, you can sit in front of a mirror and practice. Once you are confident, it will keep you calm, and you will rock your presentation.


  • Meditation

Meditation is known to calm your mind. A primary cause of anxiety is the negative thoughts that keep popping up, such as what if I stumbled during a presentation? Or what if nobody liked my presentation? Meditation helps to keep such waste and negative thoughts away. 

When you pair CBD with meditation, its effect might increase. Also, ensure that you purchase it only from reputed sites, such as CBDistillery.

Side Effects of CBD

You might have heard people consuming over-the-counter drugs to deal with anxiety before presentations or public speaking. While these drugs are most effective, they have some severe side effects. 

The World Health Organization also believes that the drug is relatively safe. It gives you a natural alternative. Some minor side-effects observed include Diarrhea, fatigue, and fluctuation in appetite. Most of these side effects are negligible. However, if the issue continues, you should contact a professional.


CBD is effective in making you calm before a presentation. Moreover, the side effects are negligible. You can consume it and might give one of the best presentations of your life.