Which is the best options for buying a flight ticket from India to the USA?

USA to India cheapest flights

There are many flights and carriers that fly between India and the USA. It is one of the busiest routes in the entire world since there are so many residents of India who work in the USA and vice versa. India is also a popular tourist destination and therefore the traffic between these countries is also quite high.

Many tourists fly to India from the USA owing to India’s beautiful historical monuments and rich geographical landscape. USA to India cheapest flights can be availed easily if one plans way ahead and there are some tips and tricks that can be followed to book a cheap flight between the two countries. 

Flights between The USA and India

Due to the number of tourists and the number of Indian resident workers in the USA, there are many flight routes and carriers between the two countries. Some of the most popular flight routes go through the UK and the middle east, stopping over at London, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or other European cities in between. Some carriers also offer non-stop flights flying between these destinations. Some of the most common flights between the two countries are listed below:

  • Lufthansa Airways
  • Delta Airlines
  • Air India
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Qatar Airlines
  • Qantas Airlines
  • Etihad Airways
  • Turkish Airways
  • United Airways
  • Ethiopian Airlines etc

Most of the flights fly through the UK, Germany, Dubai, and other Middle Eastern cities. Some of them, for example, United Airways and Air India offer non-stop flights to major Indian cities such as Delhi and Mumbai. Apart from these cities, the most popular Indian cities with whom these flights connect are Bangalore, Kochi, Chennai, Amritsar, etc. 

Buying Cheap Flight Tickets

There are many tips to buy tickets in the USA to India cheapest flights and vice versa. Some of the most popular tips are mentioned below:

  • Using Agent Websites

The best method to buy the cheapest tickets is to keep a watch on the deals made by many agent websites that allow booking flights between these destinations. During the off-season, there are many deals and discounts offered by these websites and travel companies that allow users to fly to the USA from India at as low as Rs 40,000. 

During a peak season, this same price can be as high as Rs 3 lakhs per flyer. To ensure one gets the best rate, keep an eye on the travel websites at least a month or two ahead of the travel plan. When a good deal comes along, ensure the deal is taken as they don’t stay online for a long time. Some deals can get completely taken within a few hours of their introduction. 

  • Planning well ahead

Ensure that there is a minimum of 1.5 to two months gap between the time the travel has to be made and the booking. This allows maximum time to capitalize on the deals off the internet. Also, it is extremely useful if the dates are flexible as this allows cheaper alternatives on off-season dates and weekdays when traffic is low. 

  • Off-Season Dates

There are many off-season times to fly to the USA such as during the winters between Oct and Nov just before the Christmas season and after New year, between Jan and Mar. During these months, there are fewer flyers and therefore, it is easier to get a cheaper ticket at this point in time.